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Fiverr Sellers Reimagine the Fiverr Logo

Lisa Tauber
April 10, 2018

We’ve been talking about logos a lot lately, which is no surprise. A logo is the building block of a recognizable brand. We love the simplicity of the Fiverr logo—it’s modern, easily scaled to small devices and huge billboards, and employs an iconic green color. But in true Doer fashion, we also know it’s important to keep our brand fresh and to always be thinking about the next step.

So we asked some Fiverr Pros and Top Rated Sellers in the logo design category to reimagine the Fiverr logo from the perspective of people who use the site every day. So here's how some of our top designers have re-envisioned the Fiverr brand—by the community, for the community.

Numeral Studio

Tell us a little about yourself. Who you are, where you’re from, what you do on Fiverr.

Numeral is a design studio established in 2011, located in Cuenca, Ecuador. Our personal development projects and the close relationship with the academy has led us to raise workshops, lectures and cultural management. We are a multidisciplinary team who mainly work in branding and editorial design. We were invited to be part of Fiverr Pro which has been a great experience so far.

Ecuador until now, has a fairly reserved design culture; however locally we give every client the time for meetings, revisions, etc and that is exactly what we try to do on Fiverr as well. Every project and every client deserves its time. We are now focused on logo and editorial design which we consider our strength.

How did you develop your design style? Where do you look for inspiration?

Each graphic project we develop adheres to a methodology from analyzing and discussing the brief with the entire team to digest all the information provided by the client, to understanding the end user and ensuring the final product reflects the brand values. All this, with the intention of generating functional graphical results. This has developed the graphic style of the studio.

When we face a project we usually study some successful cases of brands that have the same business model with the objective that the graphic result is different from the competition. The studio has a great relationship with the ULM school and many local and international designers who we normally go to consult.

Can you share your creative process for this logo design? What about Fiverr inspired you to take this direction?

The process was to review the brief in detail and after understanding it, we started to draw some ideas with lines and shapes that tune in with the brand values in this case we seek to visualize the horizontality, creativity and collaborative nature of Fiverr After having a proposal that resolves it, we move on to the digitization, color and file management part.

Option 1

Numeral Studio's first logo concept.[/caption]

The objective of this proposal raises a logo that reflects the following brand values: collaboration, creativity, efficiency, and in addition we wanted to reinforce the horizontality that you maintain when you are part of Fiverr.
Option 2

Numeral Studio's second logo concept.[/caption]The objective of this proposal presents a logo that reflects the following brand values: movement, cultural interrelation, creativity, and in this proposal we decided to abstract the characteristics of the name Fiverr using the F and RR as elements that show us different directions and are integrated to form the identifier as a whole.

Keiko Studio

Keiko Studio reimagines the Fiverr logo.[/caption]

Tell us a little about yourself. Who you are, where you’re from, what you do on Fiverr.
Hello, my name is Mick and I am a graphic designer at Keiko Studio. I'm a digital nomad currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. As a Top-Rated Seller on Fiverr, I look for ideas and design logos, including all types of graphic works. How did you develop your design style? Where do you look for inspiration?
My style of expertise is a hand-drawn style. Being passionate about the style since I was young, I have continuously been practicing and improving, in both beauty and meaning-wise. Most importantly, the work must be unique.

My favorite work is logo design. As my work is done on the computer, one of the ways to get inspired is definitely by surfing the web, whether via a website about designing, social media, or following the works of my favorite designers. They are all my inspirations. However, my most favorite way to search for inspiration is by going outside, whether going to the temple, visiting street shops in Thailand, having a stroll to see the cherry blossoms in Japan, or shopping in Hong Kong.

This might sound more like traveling but, if you are a designer, anything around you can be an inspiration. Can you share your creative process for this logo design? What about Fiverr inspired you to take this direction?

I truly enjoyed working on this project as I could design the work freely. Despite being familiar with the website, I had to research for additional information in order to design the logo that is meaningful and can best represent Fiverr. I chose to use “F,” which is the first initial of the name “Fiverr,” and integrated it with things that Fiverr users benefit from such as agility, cost-effective price, and top-quality work.

Another idea that was utilized in this work is Fiverr´s “Doer” campaign. The reason I like this campaign is that it encourages people to actually get out there and do something. Therefore, I incorporated “D,” symbolizing “Doer,” into the logo as a connotation symbolizing success received from doing the actual hands-on action.


Nadiabadillio: Option 1[/caption]

Tell us a little about yourself. Who you are, where you’re from, what you do on Fiverr.

I´m an art director and graphic designer specializing in brand development. I have worked in mid-to-large-size design studios in the USA, Europe, and Mexico and love the experience of learning about design markets in different parts of the world. I moved towards doing independent work since my goal is to work on interesting projects no matter location while having the freedom of working anywhere. Travel fuels my inspiration, now I am based in Playa del Carmen (Mexican Caribbean) surrounded by nature, sea, and sun. I´m usually a very high-energy person with too many projects going on in my head and living a fast-paced life.

I love cities and urban living, however really enjoying how the sea and nature are influencing my work and life for now. It’s important to keep on experimenting to keep creativity alive, I find this true both in life and professionally. A friend of mine recommended Fiverr to me and recently joined the community, I´m actually pretty new to Fiverr and excited to work on interesting projects from clients around the world.

Nadiabadillio: Option 2[/caption] How did you develop your design style? Where do you look for inspiration? My style is always evolving, many things influence my work, from music, a city, nature, to textures and architecture. However, I have a tendency to have a clean and modern style of design. I like to keep learning new techniques and reading about design. I’m now learning different techniques in illustration and different illustration styles.

Nadiabadillio: Option 3[/caption]

Can you share your creative process for this logo design? What about Fiverr inspired you to take this direction?

While working on the Fiverr logo, the words creativity, innovation, alternative, ideas, community - were some of my inspiration. I do a brainstorming session before beginning any project, play with ideas and explore different possibilities before diving into the actual creation stage.

What are some of your favorite logo redesigns? Tell us in the comments below!

Lisa Tauber
Lisa is a Category Manager at Fiverr, focused on growing the Design and Writing categories by improving the experience for buyers and sellers. Current weaver and former editor of design books.
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