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Celebrating Innovation and Design: Fiverr Logo Maker Scholarship Winners Announced

Fiverr Team
October 17, 2023
Logo Maker Scholarship

It's a wrap! After three demanding rounds, The Fiverr Logo Maker Scholarship, in partnership with the Women’s Center For Entrepreneurship (WCEC), has come to an end! Aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs and students, we are thrilled to showcase the outstanding winners of the scholarship. 

About the Scholarship

Open to female high school seniors, trade school students, and college attendees in the US, each round featured two women-owned businesses in need of a logo. The top 15 finalists won the chance to become Fiverr Logo Maker sellers, while two extraordinarily talented winners received $5,000 in scholarship funds each.

A Commitment to Women in Design

Michelle Baltrusitis, Fiverr’s Social Impact Manager, highlighted the company's mission to change how the world collaborates, saying, "We took the potential of the Fiverr Logo Maker and extended it to support women students and women-owned businesses.” WCEC added that this collaboration is a "jewel in the crown of partnerships."

Meet the Winners

Maya Martin for NV Creations

Maya's designs for NV Creations, a brand specializing in hand-drawn, sustainable accessories, stunned the judges. Reflecting on her win, Maya said, “Winning this scholarship gives me a lot of confidence and validation. My advice to anyone would be to not give up.”

What we thought about Maya’s Designs

Maya’s earthy tones and nature-inspired elements perfectly aligned with the brand's ethos.

The selection of fonts she chose in all of her designs are very unique, and it is clear that a lot of thought went into choosing them. They all complement the design elements in such a great way that it looked like they were designed especially for the logo.

Lillian Finley for BÖC Features

Lillian, who designed a logo for BÖC Features, a production company in the intersection of Kung Fu cinema and Hip-Hop, was equally jubilant, stating, “I am so grateful for this scholarship and everything that it will mean for my education and my future in design!”

What we thought about About Lillian’s Designs 

Lilian’s graphic style uses retro elements and fonts. It is evident that she conducted extensive research of graphic design style of the 70’s and applied it to her design: bold and chunky fonts and earthy and warm colors. One of her greatest strengths as a designer is her beautiful use of negative space in her designs which helps lead to clever and memorable logo designs. 

The Chosen Logos: A Perfect Fit

How does Maya’s logo fit the brand?

Maya’s logo, a sun-infused visual treat, invokes wonder and the thrill of the outdoors. 

The new design of the logo fits the vibe of NV Creations like a glove, where most elements drawn on the prints are taken from nature. The logo is very simple and to the point. It has a perfect synergy between the typography and the symbol where the typography seems to be what the rays of sunshine are growing out of. The font is a handwritten font that uses very gentle and curvy letters with swirly edges, paying homage to the handmade designs of NV Creations. The sun in the design creates a sense of wonder and excitement of the outdoors as if one is “chasing a sunset”, and highlights the way nature plays an important role in NV Creations’ unique designs. 

How does Lillian’s logo fit the brand?

Lillian’s logo showcases a tape cassette, paying homage to the brand's vintage and eclectic spirit.

Adorned with references to a tai-chi fu kung-fu uniform in the pattern and sash, the new logo design brilliantly merges 70s nostalgia, martial arts, and hip-hop elements into one icon.
Infused with a simple and to-the-point font that balances the detailed tape cassette design, while making innovative use of negative space for depth and dimension, the new logo design captures BÖC Features' vibrant essence.

A Future in Design

Apart from the monetary reward, the finalists will join Fiverr’s Logo Maker platform as sellers, setting them on a path toward a flourishing career in design.

In conclusion, the Fiverr Logo Maker Scholarship has proved to be a transformative experience for everyone involved, notably amplifying voices in design that need to be heard. Congratulations to all winners and finalists! Your futures are looking incredibly bright.

Fiverr Team
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