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5 Tips for a Logo Designer, by a Logo Designer

Ben Conde
February 23, 2016
logo designer

Danilo Zanni aka logo_business is a professional graphic designer, Top Rated Seller, Super Seller and Ambassador on Fiverr.Being a Super Seller and an Ambassador on Fiverr also means sometimes giving tips to other sellers in the same category. So in the spirit of healthy competition, I’ve put together five useful tips to help Fiverr's Community of logo designers be the best they can be.

Tip #1: Be professional, clear and show your personality

It could be an obvious tip but when it comes to your Gig page, think ‘professional’. Create a strong logo that represents yourself, your personality and your design style. Use your own design style to personalize your Gig’s page with a nice cover, quality images of your work samples and a professional video-portfolio. Put your attention on an effective and credible title (please avoid: “I will create a logo”), a good description and clear messaging on extras. Every detail is important to give potential buyers a good impression.

Tip #2: Ask your buyer about budget upfront

Sometimes customers can ask for a lot of things. And often the delivered price quote isn’t the one they expected. So, before sending a price quote ask them what they’re willing to pay. This will allow you to send a precise quote without losing your precious time.

Tip #3: Value your source files

It’s a common practice on Fiverr to sell the source files at a low price. If you sell a source file for $5, there’s a chance your credibility as logo designer may not be upheld. It’s best practice to put added value against your source files, because in many cases, it’s the last purchase by a buyer, and you want to ensure they’re receiving the highest quality product possible.

Tip #4: Save source files for the future

This is definitely an important tip. Save every design you’ve done. Every vector element, every designed logo. This practice could be useful in the future to upsell your work. In my personal experience - about 4 years on Fiverr - I've upsold my works delivering source vector files to my existing customers even two years after their first order.

Tip #5: Establish a good relationship with your customers

Collecting a good number of loyal customers could help you in periods of poor sales. Be friendly within your communications, while maintaining professionalism. Keep the buyer's needs in mind and always try to find a solution to satisfy them. This could help you to elevate your rating, your reputation, your income and the number of your positive reviews. Don’t forget, communication is everything!Share your tips for achieving success below.

Ben Conde
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