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Andy Voloschin
March 16, 2023
Fiverr Success Story

It all began in 2005, when 8th grade classmates Darshak and Abhi realized they were neighbors. They were friends after just one day. 

After graduating in 2014, they headed to Melbourne, Australia to pursue their tertiary education together. But before they left, Darshak decided to try out new freelancing platforms. When Fiverr began to feel like his miracle, he recommended that Abhi try the same.

Today, they are 6-figure top sellers in Fiverr’s busiest category: Logo Design. Even though they work with different agencies, they’re always ready to help and support each other.

1) Would you mind sharing your experience of how you hired your first employee?

Darshak: Initially in 2016, just after I made a decision to try Fiverr full time, I started getting more orders that I alone couldn’t manage. An idea was triggered in my mind that an extra pair of hands could process more orders and assist me in the designing areas. With that in mind, I hired my first employee from my city and he is now the Head of the Graphic Design department in my agency.

Abhi: After completing several orders and gathering a few pools of buyers, I wasn't able to manage the work alone. At that time, I thought about hiring an employee.

2) What was the trigger that helped you make such a decision?

Darshak: As I shared earlier and to convert my part-time freelancing to a full-time agency, I knew I'll need a bigger workforce beside me. It was simple math: the bigger the team, the better the results!

Abhi: Instead of working alone and increasing delivery time, it seemed better to get a helping hand to decrease the delivery time and increase the revenue as well as the order flow. Also, the extra oomph that another person gives in brainpower, creativity, and sheer legwork is totally worth it. Things that would otherwise take you weeks will be doable in days. Entire work streams will disappear from your to-do list.

3) How do you find the right person?

Darshak: I wanted to work with an employee with whom I could talk to and guide in person! So I asked a local job/recruitment agency to find a designer who already has a bit of experience in the designing field. Within a few days, after sorting out a few resumes and interviews, I got a perfect match!

Abhi: If you have a budget and social media then the right person isn't far away. When I thought to hire my first employee, I posted ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. After going through the round of discussions with 5-6 candidates, I got my first employee.

4) How long does it take to return the investment?

Darshak: It wasn't so hard to find my first employee after I paid the recruitment agency and within a couple of months, I earned more than I invested. For some sellers in a different category, it will take more time but believe me, try and hire employees even if you have to pay more so that you can focus more on growing your business.

Abhi: Well, that actually depends upon many factors like your Gig pricing, your local currency, the service you sell, etc. For me, it just took a week to return the investment (employee salary + ad expense) at that time.

5) What is your recommendation to other sellers?

Darshak: Personally, I would recommend other sellers to focus more on developing and expanding your Fiverr account/Gigs into different categories and hire talented people around you. Simply focus on growing your Fiverr Gigs and let other people work with you.

Abhi: I would recommend other sellers to identify the right time to hire and train an employee, develop a team, and get your online business rolling on Fiverr just like me.


Darshak (from India), enthusiastic and creative graphic artist who is passionate about Logo and Banner Design.

Joined Fiverr on Dec 2015 , and enrolled in Seller Plus on Feb 2021


Abhi (from India), passionate graphic designer with over 7 years of experience.

Joined Fiverr on Nov 2016, and enrolled in Seller Plus on Feb 2021

Andy Voloschin
Andy Voloschin is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Fiverr’s Seller Plus program. He is dedicated to providing personalized guidance to Spanish and English-speaking freelancers in Writing & Translation and Graphic & Design verticals.
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