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Ana Bravo of Bravo Java: Heritage Shoe Brand

Fiverr Team
July 9, 2021
digital marketing

Meet Bravo Java, a family-run shoe company, founded in 1942, who found the silver lining in a global pandemic and used the opportunity to update their digital marketing efforts and refresh their brand.

With five retail locations around Madrid and Barcelona, Bravo Java is a heritage brand with a rich legacy and history in the Spanish market. But when COVID-19 hit earlier this year, operations in their five retail locations were shuttered, and the entire notion of casual, in-person retail was called into question.

But necessity is the mother of reinvention. Managing Director, Ana Bravo, used the crisis as a springboard for energizing Bravo Java’s digital marketing and branding efforts.

“Our physical stores have been closed for more than 2 months. We had to keep paying the rent, the electricity, and our manufacturers. It’s true we had an online store already, but the sales were minimal. The situation was dire. So, confined at home, we began to study the competition and saw that online sales were skyrocketing and social media was really important. In such a crisis, you have two options: let yourself be devastated by the tsunami, or stay afloat. It was a new opportunity to adapt to new times and be ‘reborn,’” says Bravo.

Using a talented pool of freelancers, Ana began using Fiverr to turbocharge her digital marketing strategy in order to increase online sales and reach a younger clientele.

Working with Serson, Ana is creating short video content to not only concisely share the brand’s history, dating back to the World War II era, but also to create short teasers of upcoming collections to share on their social networks.

MiamiMarketer has helped Ana launch a series of digital raffles on Facebook and Instagram as a way to attract and acquire new emails and customers.

Blboss has taken charge of Bravo Java’s’s SEO efforts, a topic which definitely required technical marketing expertise, an area where Ana is far less experienced. Blboss has been able to do everything from initial keyword research and positioning, to competitor audits, to usability and functionality analysis of the website and more. Just by tweaking one search term- from “low” to “flat” sandals, Bravo Java’s products are gaining more visibility online by increasing relevant search results. And Sarahgordon1515 assisted by creating blog articles that will further improve SEO results.

Originally, Ana was hesitant to make any changes to the logo of the company for fear of letting go of the brand’s heritage. “But Mijalglazier told me you don’t need to renounce your logo; you can update it to appeal to a younger clientele!” With that in mind, Ana is finishing up a brand refresh that honors the brand’s history with a much more contemporary design.

Now, Ana is well positioned to compete with other online retailers while still respecting the rich history of her grandfather’s original vision of offering quality, comfort and style at affordable prices.

Fiverr Team
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