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Noga Nitzan
Senior Product Manager and Lead of the Buyer Experience Group @ Fiverr. Hoping to always improve Fiverr for buyers by creating the ultimate solution for their needs.

5 Ways Consumer Psychology Influences Great Web Design

Author Tegan Denwood is a content writer for shop4pop.com, providers of big brand printing for all budgets. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer or contractor...

Improve the Way You Get Paid This Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are here. At Fiverr we’re always looking out for ways to make them not only more enjoyable,...

#QualityCounts: A Guideline for Buyers and Sellers

At Fiverr, our marketplace is only as strong as our community, and regardless of whether you’re a buyer or seller, we care about giving you the best Fiverr experience possible...

How Danilo Is Making More Money and Working Less with Packages

Super Seller Danilo (Logo_Business) has had a thriving logo design business on Fiverr for years, so why is he so excited now? Here’s why: Triple Gig Packages are changing the game...

How Custom Offers Can Take Your Fiverr Business To The Next...

Fiverr’s Custom Offers allow you to expand your Fiverr business beyond your standard Gigs®. When potential buyers contact you, instead of just directing them...

“Who’s Online” Helps You Connect with Customers

Buyers want to know that the sellers they choose will focus on getting their jobs done promptly, and with the new “Who’s Online” feature,...
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