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“Who’s Online” Helps You Connect with Customers

Noga Nitzan
May 1, 2014
who's online Fiverr

Buyers want to know that the sellers they choose will focus on getting their jobs done promptly, and with the new “Who’s Online” feature, you can let them know that you are ready, willing and able! When you turn on the Who’s Online feature, buyers will see a green dot on your Gig® page indicating that you are currently online and ready to respond.

Here’s why that’s important:

We’ve been testing this feature and our analysis shows that being online increased the click-through rate for Gigs by 350%. This means that you may see a lot more inbound traffic for your Gigs, which can increase your orders.

Here’s how Who’s Online works.

1. You have to be a seller with active Gigs, and need to be using either the iOS or Android mobile app.

2. Using the iOS mobile app, simply click and hold the Fiverr® logo to turn your Online status on or off. Using the Android mobile app, tap the menu button to reveal the drop-down box and select “Go Online. ”Buyers will immediately see a green dot followed by the word “online” next to your Gig title. This will stay there for as long as the mobile app is open and for 10 minutes after you close it.

3. Who’s Online will turn off automatically 10 minutes after you close the app. You can always switch it off manually if you know that you won’t be available to respond. The great benefit of Who’s Online is that you are telling buyers, “I’m here and can respond right away.” If you aren’t there or can’t respond right away, appearing online may actually turn buyers away from your Gigs. So when turn on this feature, be sure that you are available to answer questions that come your way. In addition, Fiverr will monitor the use of “Who’s Online” and may disable it for sellers who repeatedly turn it on but are non-responsive to buyer requests. Please note that Who’s Online is a beta feature. We’re still testing it and plan to make it available on the website in the near future.

Noga Nitzan
Senior Product Manager and Lead of the Buyer Experience Group @ Fiverr. Hoping to always improve Fiverr for buyers by creating the ultimate solution for their needs.
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