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Custom Offers Can Help Your Fiverrr Business Grow

Noga Nitzan
April 8, 2015
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Fiverr’s Custom Offers allow you to expand your Fiverr business beyond your standard Gigs®. When potential buyers contact you, instead of just directing them to your Gig page, you can send them a Custom Offer. You set the deliverable. You set the price. You can also share Custom Offers outside of Fiverr using Fiverr Anywhere.How valuable are custom offers? Writes Top Rated Seller ReddHorrocks: “I’ve found Custom Offers are helpful for buyers that are requesting more unusual or involved projects that would normally require a plethora of extras. They are also great for helping buyers out that are in a hurry because I can send them a quick one-click quote, and they just have to hit accept.”

seller revenue

The benefits of custom offers are also borne out by some stunning data:The average order value (AOV) for custom offers is 380% higher than orders through Gigs.Revenue for sellers who use Custom Offers is 484% higher than for sellers who don’t.Custom Offers improve your position in the marketplace by adding additional ratings, reviews and work samples to your portfolio.If you want to make more money doing what you love on Fiverr, you should definitely take advantage of Custom Offers!Still not sold? Here’s what a couple of other Top Rated Sellers have to say: Madmoo:“Custom Offers eliminate having to use multiple “extras” to get to a specific price, and if shipping is needed, then a price can be added that’s exact, rather than having to use the approximations that are available. It saves buyers from having to work out how many orders to place to get to the exact price, and saves sellers from having to explain how to get to the correct amount.”TwistedWeb123: “Whether it’s firing off a quick quote for a standard order to simplify the buying process, negotiating a deal for multiple services, or offering something much larger not covered by a standard Gig, Custom Offers have helped to majorly boost my business. They are also a great way to demonstrate to buyers that I’m available for larger projects. For example, a buyer saw I was available for custom work and, with just three days’ notice, asked me if I could speak at their offline event about making money online. I fired off a Custom Offer for $3,000 on Wednesday, got paid on Thursday, and was traveling to my hotel on Friday.”You can generate a Custom Offer in two ways:

Respond to an Email

  • A potential buyer messages you, requesting a service that doesn’t fit any of your Gig descriptions.
  • Reply to the message by clicking on the “Send a Custom Offer” button.
  • Enter the information for your Custom Offer and click on “Submit Custom Offer”.
  • When buyers visit your profile page or a Gig page, they can also click on the “Request a Custom Order” button and enter their specific requirements. The request is sent to you as an email, so you can respond in the same way using the “Send a Customer Offer” button.

Use Fiverr Anywhere

Fiverr Anywhere lets you send Custom Offers outside of Fiverr, via social media sites, email and text messages. You can send a Custom Offer to anyone – it’s not necessary for your customers to be a registered Fiverr user. It allows you to get paid for your services anywhere, through our secure payment system.

  • Hover over your username and click on “My Sales” and then on “Promote Your Business”.
  • Click on the “Generate Custom Offer” button.
  • Fill in the requested information.
  • Click on the “Submit Custom Offer” button.
  • Copy the first provided link and use it to share your Custom Offer anywhere, or share the link on social networks using share buttons.
  • If you want to embed the offer on your personal website, then in the “Embed Custom Offer section,” click on Grab Code to copy the iFrame code to your clipboard.
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Noga Nitzan
Senior Product Manager and Lead of the Buyer Experience Group @ Fiverr. Hoping to always improve Fiverr for buyers by creating the ultimate solution for their needs.
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