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How Danilo Is Making More Money and Working Less

Noga Nitzan
March 3, 2016

“It’s pretty amazing...these numbers are the best since I joined Fiverr!” Super Seller Danilo (Logo_Business) has had a thriving logo design business on Fiverr for years, so why is he so excited now? Here’s why: Triple Gig Packages are changing the game for him and helping him take his business to the next level.Read on to learn how Gig Packages are increasing his revenue, giving him motivation and how to apply his tips to your own logo design business (or beyond).

What He Loves About Triple Gig Packages

It’s as simple as this: he’s making more revenue and doing less work. Gig Packages allow him to spend more time and energy perfecting each order, instead of simply churning out a high volume of $5 orders. “With Packages my philosophy is quality over quantity,” he says. “Packages for me increases the professionalism and creativity of the platform.”He’s happy that the Packages structure creates an atmosphere in which buyers are receiving high quality deliveries. He says Packages are making it easier than ever before to maintain his perfect ratings.“Of course it’s possible to provide great quality on a $5 order - that’s what I’ve been doing since the beginning. Packages makes it easier to maintain this situation,” he says. In fact, since converting to Triple Gig Packages, he’s received the most strongly positive feedback to date. “Buyers find Packages to be an easy way to order,” he says. “The customers are excited.”


Danilo is aggressive about optimizing his pricing, so he frequently tweaks and tests new pricing strategies across the three tiers of his Package offerings. Overall, his pricing strategy incentivizes buyers to buy Packages instead of buying a la carte Gigs with Extras added separately.The three tiers of his Triple Package offering are each a distinct mix of package attributes designed to give buyers highly customized options. He uses higher priced custom Extras on the checkout page to avoid “sticker shock”,and lets buyers decide to invest in those Extras just before checkout if necessary.He’s seeing fantastic results from his pricing tweaks. “It’s pretty amazing...these numbers are the best since I joined Fiverr,” he says.

His Top Tips for Other Sellers in Logo Design & Beyond

  • Don’t be scared to go beyond $5: Logo_Business hasn’t created a $5 Package tier and wouldn’t recommend it. He encourages sellers to be strategic about pricing and find what works best for them by testing and monitoring results. He also points out that setting slightly higher prices can result in attracting more serious customers.
  • Don’t undervalue revisions: It makes sense that the higher the base price, the more revisions are expected. “I’m not a big fan of unlimited revisions. Revisions equal time. I think up to three revisions makes sense.”
  • Keep the quality up: In addition to delivering great work, remember to respect deadlines, keeping response rate and delivery time rates excellent.

“Packages are an opportunity for every seller from Fiverr,” Danilo says. That means you!For more tips on how to get started with Gig Packages, check out Fiverr Academy.

Noga Nitzan
Senior Product Manager and Lead of the Buyer Experience Group @ Fiverr. Hoping to always improve Fiverr for buyers by creating the ultimate solution for their needs.
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