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A Guide to WordPress for Non-Coders with Elementor
Elementor was designed to make WordPress site building simpler, and Fiverr was created to make just about everything simpler, so the two platforms are natural teammates.
web design and development
Web Design vs. Web Development: Know Which You Need for Your Business
Here we take a closer look at what web design and web development are and let you know which professionals you might need for the job.
ux copy
4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Compelling UX Copy
Prioritizing user experience in your website copy isn’t just for the “aesthetics". Here’s why you need to prioritize UX in your website copy.
Code Like a Girl: Meet 3 Freelancing Women In Tech
More and more women are bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the tech world every day.
Web Design to Make Your Brand Shine
A 2016 research survey found that nearly 46% of American small businesses don’t have a website – a figure that seems unthinkable.
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"Less is More" Minimalist Web Design Tips
When it comes to websites, it’s often easier to focus on the simple and understated than it is to pay attention to the brash and busy.
Web and Mobile Makeover
Get a Web & Mobile Design Makeover
When web and mobile design takes priority, your business becomes better able to appeal to potential customers. Here are ways web and mobile design help your business.
web design psychology
How Consumer Psychology Influences Web Design
Understanding the unique thought processes that drive users to purchase is key to influencing their buying behavior.
working with developers
Do’s and Don’ts: Working with a Developer Online
If you know where to find them, there is a great opportunity out there for working with remote web programmers who can help your business grow.
responsive wordpress||Fiverr Wordpress Infographic
Make Your WordPress Mobile Friendly
A recent report by Morgan Stanley found that mobile browser traffic is twice that of mobile app traffic.
difference mobile responsive
A Mobile Website and Flexible Web Design Explained
In the age of mobile devices such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab, it is not a surprise that many companies are having to adjust their websites to fit screen sizes and devices.
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