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Fiverr’s New and Improved Referral Program
Our referral program is here to remind you to spread the productivity and efficiency of Fiverr to those you know best.
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Business Tips
Understanding the Power of Digital Advertising
I think you’ll agree with me when I’m saying that to get marketing results through advertising there’s always going to be a “hard” costs.
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Video Marketing
Explainer Videos Boost Purchase Intent Up to 72%
Here are six reasons why explainer videos in particular drive purchase intent:
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Data Entry
Don't Do Data Entry But Give it to Someone Else
Data entry isn’t everyone’s strength, but for some folks it happens to be where they excel.
The Democratization of Creativity
Business Tips
The Democratization of Creativity
Elsie illustrates how creativity is a global phenomena and how individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines can find opportunity and meaning in the work they do.
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Voice Over
5 Ways Voice-Over Work Can Help Your Business
To help, consider the below five ways in which voice-overs may help your unique business.
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Video Marketing
5 Tips for a Great Gig Video Using Your Smartphone
Here are five tips that can help you make a high quality video with a webcam or smartphone.
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Video Marketing
DIY: Commercials for Your Business
Here’s a few ideas for DIY-ing a commercial for your business without breaking the bank:
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Ad Copy
Design an Outstanding Facebook Ad That Converts
To help you create ads that grab your users’ attention and convert, I’ve compiled a list of 6 tips to design an outstanding Facebook Ads.
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Digital Marketing
Why Your Blog Needs a Video
And if you aren’t comfortable on camera, don’t worry, there are plenty of types of video that convey personality without putting you front and center.
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