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Top Priorities for Finance Executives

Fiverr Team
June 24, 2024
Finance Priorities

Fiverr has released a comprehensive report detailing the urgent needs of finance executives in the U.S. 

A survey of 501 business leaders within the finance sector, completed in partnership with research firm Censuswide, highlights the finance sector’s ongoing emphasis on adaptability and flexibility amid market fluctuations and unprecedented industry challenges. Two-thirds of finance leaders say they are already using freelancers weekly to boost operational flexibility. 

Other key takeaways from the survey highlight shifting sentiments around DeFi and AI implementation. For example, most executives are optimistic about AI, with 64% expressing positivity and 25% noting significant efficiency and decision-making gains. Additionally, 78% report productivity improvements from hybrid models and enhanced employee benefits.

For finance executives, Q2 is the most stressful quarter by far.

Financial leaders are ultimately becoming as agile as ever, with nearly 90% of respondents considering themselves and their respective companies as “adaptive".

Download the full report here:

Fiverr Team
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