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Freelancer Tips
Introducing our Newest Category: Animated GIFs
Animated GIFs are everywhere, we see them across social networks, messaging apps, the UI of products we use, and more.
Product Photography
Reasons Why Great Product Photography is an Must
Product photography is a critical element for most businesses that sell goods online.
Product News
Introducing Still Product Photography Services
We live in a visual world where most consumers’ attention naturally gravitates toward the quickest way to gather information: imagery.
YouTube Pre-Roll Videos||||||
Video Marketing
11 Best YouTube Pre-Roll Videos
Pre-rolls are constantly evolving, and by now you should already be familiar with a new(ish) format of pre-rolls called Bumper Ads, which are unskippable 6 second ads.
Fiverr Newest Video Subcategories||short video gig||live action video gig
Product News
Introducing Fiverr's Newest Video Subcategories
I’m thrilled to announce that starting today, the Video & Animation category includes two all-new subcategories, Short Video Ads and Live Action Explainers.
Video Marketing
5 Tips to Creating a Voice-over for Videos
In the article below, we’ll dive deeper and offer five tips on how to create a great voiceover for your video production, and find the right voice for you.
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