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Baby Got Feedback: How to Leave Customer Reviews

Fiverr Team
March 13, 2017

At Fiverr, we want to ensure a five-star experience at all times, for both our buyers and sellers. The techniques and strategies that we use are ones that we feel could apply to any business relationship or e-commerce site. After all, as the saying goes, “for every customer who complains, more than 20 others remain silent.” Unless the experience is really bad, customers usually don’t bother to provide any feedback at all about an experience that doesn’t meet their expectations. Most of the time, they just decide not to do business with the seller again. As a result of this, we want our buyers to invest into buyer reviews. Because our sellers take so much pride in the high-end, customized services they offer, we want to make sure you’re giving them the feedback they need to grow and succeed their business – and that they’re listening to what you have to say and responding to your needs as well.

Making Your Voice Heard

So how can you contribute, and let your voice be heard? Once an order in the Fiverr Marketplace is marked as ‘delivered’ or ‘complete’, you can provide your feedback to the seller for up to 30 days after the last delivery of that order.  In fact, you cannot complete an order without leaving your feedback. We set things up this way because we really want you as buyers to add your valuable input to the Fiverr community. When you leave feedback, you can choose from a wide variety of options to let your sellers know how they’re doing. Options include::

  • Recommending the Gig to other buyers.
  • Entering comments  describing your experience with the seller and the work performed.
  • Publishing your review by sharing your delivery on Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, or by email.
  • Taking your review a step further, by endorsing the seller’s professional skills based on your experience.

There are many other review options available as well, including the option to provide private feedback instead – something only visible to Fiverr’s Quality Assurance Team and not shared with the seller.

Your Ratings Matter

Ultimately Fiverr sellers know that if they provide great customer service and delivery high-quality, professional work on time, they’ll get the feedback they want, and be able to advance their own business needs at the same time. Our feedback ratings therefore take on utmost importance. This is where buyers and sellers can rate their experience after working together. Ratings are based on a five-star rating system, and buyers’ ratings provide an opportunity to give comments that will appear on the seller’s Gig page. Whatever you do, try to be as fair and transparent as possible when leaving a review for your seller. And before you leave your rating, make sure you’re aware of our Buyer Quality Guidelines, including understanding just how critical your review is for other buyers deciding on a Gig. For additional information on how to buy and sell services on Fiverr, visit our Help Center at Have any questions about our review process? Let us know in the comments below…

David Bechor is a freelance writer and professional blogger, specializing in content marketing. He has produced content for various brands across the web - primarily in the startup and tech spaces - and is a regular contributor to the Fiverr blog. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Fiverr Team
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