Customer Care

Baby Got Feedback: How to Leave Customer Reviews
At Fiverr, we want to ensure a five-star experience at all times, for both our buyers and sellers.
My Bad: How to Correct a Customer-Facing Mistake
To help ease your next customer experience if a mistake is made, consider the following three tips.
freelancer working on quora
3 Ways To Gain More Customers
You struggle to identify the best way to make a living doing what you love, however, until you discover Fiverr and realize dreams really can come true.
customer care
What Customer Care Can Teach About Modern Selling
To help strengthen your customer care, consider the below tips and how implementing them can actually be the best way to enhance your modern selling experience.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
How a CRM Keeps Customers and Projects Organized
Every business needs some type of CRM in place, as these systems enhance organization and allow you to do more with less.
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