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4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Compelling UX Copy

Fiverr Team
August 30, 2021
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Responsive design, attractive graphics, and seamless navigation – you have everything you need for a powerful website. The only thing missing is content. And not just any content would do; you need copy that will guide and enhance the user experience.

Without good UX copy, your website visitors might not know where to go to find what they need. So they’ll end up leaving, frustrated and defeated.

Here’s why you need to prioritize UX in your website copy:

1: Make a Good First Impression

Your website copy is responsible for that vital first impression that makes visitors either want to leave or turn into lifelong customers. Good UX copy will make your visitors feel welcomed, appreciated, and eager to learn more. It typically includes trigger words to address their pain points, entice them, or win their trust.

It might tell them to “seize” an offer before it ends, ask them if they’ve “had enough” of a certain problem and want to “cure” it, or point them to a “research-backed” solution.

You won’t get a second chance at a first impression, so make sure you seize the opportunity with an enticing UX copy.

2: Compel Your Visitors to Stay

First impressions are important, but you also need your visitors to stay if you want them to eventually convert. The longer they engage with your website, the more likely they are to become paying customers.

Good UX copy can give visitors a reason to keep engaging with your website after making that initial connection. It tells a meaningful story that hooks them in, establishes conflict, and presents a resolution.

  • For example, a website selling weighted blankets may hook in visitors by asking if they’re “tired of sleepless nights and endless tossing and turning?”
  • It’ll then establish some kind of conflict with a statement or question – “You’ve tried everything – from meditation to ditching caffeine – but it still doesn’t work.”
  • Then, it’ll present the solution that it’s selling – “Say goodbye to sleepless nights with our revolutionary weighted blankets.”

Ideally, your UX copy should get visitors to follow the story until the end and move them to action. That’s why you need an experienced UX copywriter to help you tell a captivating story through your UX copy.

3: Lead Them Smoothly through the Sales Funnel

Although the end goal is to get visitors to convert, asking them to “buy now” on the first page during their first visit may be too soon. Good UX copy smoothly guides visitors through the purchase funnel – from inspiring interest and learning more about the product/service until it eventually convinces them to convert.

So it may get them to “learn more” about the product/service features to create interest. It could then invite them to “see it in action” or “see what our customers have to say” to win their trust in the decision stage. And then it will present a compelling CTA to convince them to take action.

That way, you’re not hurrying visitors to make a decision before they’re ready even at the risk of losing them. Instead, your UX copy will ease them down the funnel until they’re ripe for conversion.

4: Get Them to Return

Good UX copy is memorable. Due to the smooth UX flow, visitors leave without frustration and with a sense of accomplishment. As your visitors are leaving, compelling UX copy sees them off by thanking them for their visit and inviting them to come back again. It doesn’t annoy them by begging them to stay. So they don’t hesitate to come back if they need something else from your website.

Moreover, it also welcomes returning visitors and makes them feel right at home. It encourages them to pick up where they left off, makes recommendations based on their past browsing behavior, and more. This gives them an even better reason to keep coming back for more.

Make a Bigger Impact with Persuasive UX Copy

Prioritizing user experience in your website copy isn’t just for the “aesthetics.” Instead, it can have an impact on your business growth in the long run. Good UX copy starts out by making a good first impression and then engages visitors as they seamlessly move down the sales funnel. This drives conversions and eventually, boosts revenue.

With user experience being such an important element in your website copy, make sure you work with seasoned UX copywriters from Fiverr to make a bigger impact.

Fiverr Team
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