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Your Online Business: Hiring Freelancers - Step 4

Whit Walker
June 7, 2016
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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing ways you can use the internet to build a small business — even a business of one. The internet and the technology that’s come with it have made it easy to connect with customers and partners, allowing you to easily offer goods and services without a lot of overhead.If you’re starting an online business venture, that means you’re the boss. Part of being the boss involves making big decisions, like building a team around you who can help you accomplish your business goals. Since starting a business online is almost always by definition a small operation, you’ll probably end up working with mostly freelancers and maybe even other small businesses. So, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for people to help you out.

Aligning Visions

Working with someone is about more than simply ensuring the job gets done. The best working relationships happen when both parties fundamentally understand each other and agree on the vision of the project they’re working on. Whether you’re hiring a web developer or someone who can help you with digital marketing, you need to be on the same page as your freelancer.The best way to do this is to find people who are familiar with your industry. If you’re looking for a logo for your catering company, find a designer who has experience working on hospitality-focused logos. You should also feel like you connect with this person when you first talk to them. Are they friendly? Do they believe in your product or service? When you give them direction, do they seem to easily understand what you want? All of these things will help you produce the best work and create working relationships that last.

Make Sure You Earn a Profit

The only way the your business can be successful is if you don’t go broke trying to make it work. As a business owner, your profits and expenses should always be top of mind, and that’s extremely important when it comes to hiring freelancers. For instance, if the graphic designer you want to work with has an hourly rate that is well above what you were expecting to spend, you may have to find someone else. If going above your budget feels like a fair trade for the product you’re expecting, it might be okay to adjust your expectations, but your bottom line should always be top of mind in these situations.

Good People Are Everywhere

The wonderful, world-connecting thing that is the internet is the small business owner’s most valuable resource. When it comes to finding solid freelancers, the web is generally your best bet. There are plenty of online destinations to find the services you are looking for, where talented people go to look for work.When hiring someone on these platforms, look for someone who has a good amount of experience and positive reviews. Ask to see samples of past work and, as we mentioned earlier, try to get a sense of their range of talents. Be sure you are well aware of details like how much time they’re willing to devote to your project, how busy they are, and any extra costs that might arise.Don’t forget that part of building a successful team of freelancers means knowing when to sever ties with a someone when the relationship isn’t working out. If someone is difficult to work with, regularly misses deadlines, or doesn’t produce good work, you shouldn’t feel guilty about parting ways with them. It can be tough to do, but in the end it’s always for the better. Look out for our next entry in our series, which will cover tips for creating your ideal workspace.

Whit Walker
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