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What Your Logo Says About Your Brand's Personality

Fiverr Team
February 27, 2021

When creating or working with a company's brand identity, you must remember that the logo embodies the personality of the entire business. It is an integral part of the whole from day one, and it will be used virtually every time the business is mentioned.Think of your unique logo as your brand's trademark and point of identification. It is also a primary emblem that stamps your company's purpose and mission onto potential customers and collaborative partners' minds.

Discover your best form and represent your brand like a pro. 

A logo is one of the very first things a person sees when initially discovering a business or brand. That said, it is important to make a good impression off the bat. Whether your brand requires a sophisticated edge with a simplistic design or a colorful bouquet of matching hues and artistic prowess, we've got you covered. Fiverr's Logo Maker will generate the best options for your business based on your input.

Tell us about your business. 

What industry do you represent? How do you categorize your company, and what services do you provide? What is your company history? These are crucial questions with answers that should determine your overall business plan's goals and general mission statement. Fill in the blanks to help you choose the best layout for your logo design.

How do you want your brand to look or feel?

By now, you've probably developed some idea of how you'd like to represent your business visually. Whether your focus is on style, specific color palettes, or overall tone, your logo and branding should convey the most important aspects of your business concisely.

Define your brand's personality. 

Once you've brainstormed your brand or company's thematic aspects, it's time to define its personality to create the perfect logo. Fiverr's Logo Maker uses a simple template-format over five specific categories, representing various businesses and industries, depending on your company's goals.Here's a break down of the sliding scale that will help you create a beautiful symbol to illustrate your business' values and help your company grow.

Classic vs. Modern

Consider how "old school" or classic your values are when it comes to how you conduct business, versus how modern or "in the know" you would like to be. Sliding towards the modern concept will lead towards more minimalist designs with few details.

Accessible vs. Premium

Are you trying to appeal to the masses? Or are you looking for a more particular, dare we say, exclusive clientele? However you wish to lead your entrepreneurship, it is vital to decide early on in business planning. Not only do these critical decisions inform details for the logo design, but they also speak loudly to how one directs assets and conducts business in general.

Fun vs. Serious

Your logo should also represent your company's personality. Suppose the brand is more laid-back and has a "fun" approach to business. In that case, you can reflect that with your logo design by using bright colors and playful imagery. If your company has a more serious demeanor, you'll want to use darker, solid colors with professionalism as the focal point.

Simple vs. Sophisticated

If you have a high-end brand, you'll want to give your logo a more sophisticated look. You can do this by adding elegant features, like a specific font or unique line work to underscore your brand's name. On the other hand, sometimes less is more. Take a more straightforward approach by utilizing minimalist designs with a monochromatic color or a plain font.

Traditional vs. Innovative

A tech company would undoubtedly want to incorporate innovative designs for their logo to denote a future-forward attitude. These designs would be more modern. However, if your brand is more traditional and not necessarily interested in technology's cutting edge, a more conventional or conservative logo design would be appropriate.

Use Fiverr Logo Maker to scale your business. 

Try out the Fiverr Logo Maker to generate personalized logo designs based on your company's name, industry, and unique personality preferences. It's super easy to use. Fiverr's Logo Maker will also supply you with branding guidelines and social media graphics to help you build a memorable brand for all eyes to see.

Fiverr Team
Whether you’re scaling up your small business or building a brand from scratch, we’ve got the resources you need to keep you informed and at the top of your game.
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