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Time for a Refresh: 4 Ways to Repurpose Content

Jasmine Glasheen
March 15, 2018

If you’ve ever written (or commissioned) an excellent piece of content, you know firsthand how tragically short the timespan can be in which that content is considered ‘relevant.’ In the writing biz, we’re told not to reference articles more than six months old. Pieces that talk about a certain trend, event, or release often have an even shorter lifespan. That’s why the idea of evergreen content is so appealing to writers, marketers, and the entrepreneurs working to create a long-term (and under-budget) content marketing strategy. Fortunately, this label is not exclusive since almost any type of content, including eBooks, slideshows, blog posts and even whitepapers, can be repurposed to be made evergreen. It’s less difficult than you may think to update a piece to make it relevant. Just switch out a few dated references and top it off with some new pics and you’re up and rolling… well, almost. To further learn how to turn played-out written content and give it new life, consider the below.

Pick Your Poison

The first step to giving new life to old content is locking down which particular piece of content you want to repurpose. Go with something that stands out from the pack as a top-performer when you pull data from your existing software or when you pull free data from Google Analytics. Now, there are 2 major reasons to repurpose content, and knowing which category you fall into will help you choose a piece. You may be repurposing content because you want to market an existing article that’s chock full of stats or valuable info to a new audience or you want to use a piece with great writing as a script or an outline for visual content such as graphics or video clips. Possibly you have another reason – but the main takeaway is this… Bringing new life to old content should be done with care. Pick pieces that already did well and you know you can make even better with some TLC and new perspectives.

Turn It into an Infographic

When it comes to sharing statistics, infographics are the way to go. This is because we humans are hard-wired to process visuals. In fact, NeoMam reports that color visuals increase a person’s willingness to read something by 80 percent. Slide shows and articles with plenty of imagery make the easiest transition to infographics, while whitepapers and eBooks are a little trickier. If you have a piece of content that you want to convert into an infographic, but don’t have the time or skill set to do it yourself, Fiverr’s got the right seller to help bring your visual content to life.

Add Share Buttons

Adding social media “share” buttons to your existing content is a simple and quick way to get your stuff circulating a second time around. Putting share buttons next to the major statistics and quotable text on your website encourages social media sharing and can help get your content to a point where it’s making rounds on its own. If you’ve posted content and have yet to add share buttons to your text, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to gain some added traction for your content. Of course, if you’re busy running a business you probably don’t have time to mess around learning the strange language of HTML code… but that okay. Explore sellers on Fiverr who can take care of this complex language for you and in exchange, gain more traction for your content.

Use It as a Script for Video

If you’re working with a piece of written content that really flows, is written in a “how-to” format or has some awesome dialogue, turning it into a video clip is probably your best option. Video is the way of the future, hands-down. HubSpot even reports that 89 percent of customers want to see more video from brands, so it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and start spreading the word about your company through compelling video content. Whether you decide to share video through your live feed on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat; or to opt for a platform like Youtube with a bit more staying power all depends on whether your script is more fun and conversational (live video) or informative (Youtube and/or company website). If you’re more of the behind the scenes type, hook up with a Fiverr seller with on-camera experience who can bring your silver screen dreams –and content – to life.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

If you invest a lot of time, energy or money into your content marketing plan, there’s no reason your content should stop rustling up traction for your company after a few short months. Repurposing your content will enable you to bring it to life again and again. Plus, these strategies can often gain you new audiences, as well! Get started with your content refresh with a little help from a Fiverr seller today.

How do you repurpose your existing content? Tell us in the comments below!

Jasmine Glasheen
Jasmine Glasheen is an established writer and thought leader with a knack for creative problem-solving. With a passion for the written word, artistic disposition, and unique generational insights; she looks forward to lending a millennial voice to The Do List. Follow Glasheen on Twitter @GlasheenJasmin1 and Instagram @MillennialRetailSavant.
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