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Tech Savvy: How to Boost Your Income Through Technical Writing

Fiverr Team
September 18, 2018

The freedom of freelancing is great, but, the truth is, it also requires a lot of hustle. And with the current evolution of the publishing industry, many writers are struggling to find consistent, lucrative work.If you're facing this challenge, consider a foray into technical writing. Businesses always need writers to communicate both internally and externally – be it for investor reports, instruction manuals, or corporate communications. Think it sounds too hard or boring? Industries of all sorts use technical and corporate writers, so there's a good chance you'll be able to find something that interests you. Here are six ways to try your hand at technical writing, the latest addition to our Writing & Translation category.

1. Research and white papers

Scientists and technology experts are usually brilliant, but it's not always easy for them to communicate their findings clearly and simply. The ability to take their complicated research and put it into a clear, informative document is invaluable. Once you prove your skills and your own expertise, you'll likely start getting plenty of repeat business.

2. Sales copy and pitches

A consistent message is integral to the sales world, which is why training manuals, sales scripts, and marketing copy are so important. They provide guidance to employees and ensure that the company's message is uniform. If you're someone who can create fun, engaging content that will capture customers' attention, this kind of technical writing may be the right fit for you.

3. Marketing case studies

Do you know how to make even the most mundane topic into a fascinating story? You might like to try your hand at case studies. In the B2B world, companies want to prove that their marketing strategy works, and case studies are a prime way to do so. Clients want to see that a strategy is successful, and if you can showcase that in an easy-to-understand way, you'll likely be able to count on businesses turning to you time and time again.

4. Press releases

Press releases are the backbone of any public relations campaign. They are especially important in the B2B world where details are key. A consumer magazine may not want complicated facts, but a B2B magazine wants all the nitty-gritty details. If you can provide B2B reporters with all the technical information they need (while still being concise) you are invaluable, not just to your clients, but also to the media.

5. Annual reports

Companies need to be transparent with their investors, so they need to employ writers who can provide just that. Maybe it's time for you put that finance degree that you never did anything with to good use by penning annual reports. Who says writing skills and business acumen don't go hand-in-hand?

6. Proofreading and editing

Writing isn't the only way to make money in this field – people always need editors too. An article or paper may be technically sound, but if it doesn't have proper grammar or spelling, it won't be taken seriously. Great copy editors are always in demand because they make the company look good. Have you already made the transition to technical writing? In which other areas is it useful? Tell us in the comments below!

Fiverr Team
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