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How to Read a Script: Scriptwriting Terms, Phrases, and Cues Explained
Knowing how to read a script will make you a better speaker and performer. Here's how to do it.
YouTube Script
How to Write a Script for YouTube Videos
Whether you write a simple outline or a full-fledged, word-for-word script, having something in front of you that keeps your ideas on track will yield better results.
The Drawbacks of Copyediting and Proofreading Software
As fate would have it, Fiverr is teaming with talented writers and professional editors who are waiting to provide you with world-class content.
Make Money From Your Freelance Writing Clients
Freelance writers rely on a constant stream of assignments to get their business up and running, so what happens when all the work is done?
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Write or Die: Writing Category Update
Whatever you need, find it in our new Book & eBook Writing category, which includes gifted ghostwriters and marketing professionals.
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15 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs
Are you looking to launch your freelance writing career on Fiverr? If you’re wondering what you should specialize in, here are 15 freelance writing jobs to consider.
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Quora Tips for Best Questions and Perfect Answers
Quora can be a freelancer’s secret weapon. The site’s Q&A format is an excellent way for freelancers to promote themselves.
Use Fiverr Pro to find the Best Writing Talent
Images are everywhere and easy to produce (these days, anyone can make a photo look pro), but words are just as important.
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