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Building a Content Marketing Team on Fiverr

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December 9, 2019

It doesn't matter if you're a startup or an enterprise, you need a superb content marketing team in order to thrive as a business.But how can you build one at an affordable price? Frequently, companies waste money on hiring full-time employees to cover things like social media, blog content, and paid media, but with Fiverr, you can curate a content marketing team to your exact needs while saving money. An effective content marketing team comes down to the value of your players, so to give you an idea of where to start, here's how you can build an all-star content marketing team on Fiverr:

Which Freelancers Do You Need to Power Your Content Marketing?

To start, there are few roles you need to lay the foundation of your content strategy and formulate a schedule.Rather than hiring a copywriter and dumping all the work on them, use the Fiverr marketplace to research a variety of content roles to maximize your output. Here are the most important content marketing roles to consider:

Content Manager

This position solidifies your overall content execution and ideation across multiple channels. For instance, if you know that you need to launch a blog, a content manager can help you determine the amount of content to produce, what each assignment should cover, what the deadlines are, and when it will be published on your site. They can also recruit and manage your writing and editing team.

Content Strategist

Similar to a content manager, this role executes the overall objectives for each piece of content to maximize its total value. For example, if you have 3 blog posts about Black Friday, the strategist can determine the best time (seasonally) to post them, which channels to push them on outside of the blog, and how to recycle them into other types of content to maximize value.


This encompasses a wide range of talents, but primarily, you need at least one solid writer to turn all of your ideas into reality. A writer on your content marketing team might specialize in...

  • Blog/article writing: producing quick editorials and listicles to generate regular engagement
  • Web copywriting: creating copy for landing pages, pillar pages, and product descriptions
  • Email marketing writer: crafting newsletters and email campaigns for funnel conversions, new subscriptions, and lead generation
  • PR writer: writing press releases to form relationships and establish syndication partnerships with other brands and publishers
  • Technical writer: filling out technical specifications, procedures, or legal jargon to produce authoritative, well-researched resources


Once the copy is written, it never hurts to have a fresh, professional set of eyes review it and fix any errors. The same rules apply for other content assets like photo or video. Just to be safe, hiring these types of roles can save you a lot of headaches down the line...

  • Copy editor: focuses on written words to ensure brand reputation and guidelines, as well as rectifying any misinformation to ensure legal compliance
  • Photo editor: fixes or retakes any product photos or social media and landing page photos to maintain brand reputation and overall aesthetic value across all channels
  • Video editor: captures footage and edits the material for use on a variety of marketing channels (website, social media, webinars, Q&As, etc.)

Branding Specialist

In essence, any Fiverr freelancer you hire should be a branding specialist, but a dedicated one goes through all the content being produced to double-check that everything is representative of your brand. This means that logo placements are optimized, the right font style is used, the right tone of voice is communicated, and the right personas are targeted according to certain channels.

Social Media Manager

Companies struggle with social media management on the regular, but with a social media manager, you can rest assured that all the content for your social channels is taken care of under one roof. This role should set up a posting schedule for you with the latest automation tools, as well as writing compelling captions for each post and diversifying content methods with multiple social media features according to each platform.

Graphic Designer

Even for blog posts, social media, and general marketing efforts, you need a graphic designer to craft your ideas and implement a digital style to your brand for online and print services. A good graphic designer should be knowledgeable in applications like Photoshop, Premier, and InDesign, among other top graphic designer tools.

Choosing the Right Fiverr Freelancers

Now that you know what roles to fill, your next step is to visit the Fiverr site and choose the right freelancers for your brand.Keep in mind, freelancers create gig packages to market their skills and services to clients, so make sure to read each gig carefully and compare prices with your budget to see how many different roles you can hire out. If you see a gig that looks compelling and offers you a fair package of deliverables, feel free to engage that freelancer in a conversation to get an idea of their workflow and if it matches with your needs.Fiverr freelancers are easy to work with, so never hesitate to discuss a custom request. Most freelancers are more than happy to put together a custom gig for you.

Building a Strong Foundation and Implementing a Strategy

With the right team in place, your next step is to build a strong foundation of cohesive content with clearly defined goals and milestones.Basically, you can't just tell everyone to do their own thing and wait for the results to come in. Instead, leverage your content manager's skills to ideate a full content schedule with titles and objectives for each piece. Based on your budget, you can decide how many articles, social media posts, landing pages, or emails you want to send out. If that number is 30 pieces each month, your content manager can plan accordingly, and then your content strategist can deploy the assignments to the right people with corresponding deadlines.Then all you have to do is wait for the material to come in, hand it off to the right editors for copy, photo, or video, then give that content to your social media manager to post on social or your content manager to approve and post on your site.Every month, you should reevaluate what aspects of the content marketing strategy worked and what could be improved on for the next month. Either way, your ultimate objective is that you produce the pieces you plan for and stay within budget, so if any of those parameters are out of whack, readjust for the future.

Promoting Your Content

Now that the content is written, edited, SEO-optimized and published, it's time to start promoting it.To gain the best engagement from your new content marketing strategy, you'll want to explore a few pathways...

Organic Search and Social

An organic approach means non-paid strategies to boost your content's engagement and interaction.For example, if you just published a blog post, your first step should be to craft a bite-size version of it for social media channels and post it with a URL that links to your site's data analytics. After that, revamp the blog into a newsletter campaign and send it out to segmented email lists who might find value in the topic. Once that runs dry, make it a policy for all staff members to post the blog on their LinkedIn or Facebook pages to increase organic traffic.Anything you can do to create buzz on your own helps lay a base of traffic that you can capitalize on with paid campaigns in the future.

Paid Media

Paid media (online promotions and advertisements) can be done on numerous social platforms and ecommerce sites. With heavy-hitters like Facebook and Instagram, you can easily run paid ads to targeted demographics that each platform sets up for you. Plus, they establish how much engagement you'll earn according to how much money you want to spend. With sites like Amazon, you can run paid promotions for a certain product to boost its page ranking, and that formula is pretty straightforward through their platform.With that in mind, you still have to add some strategy to gain the best results from paid ads and choosing which pieces of content to promote. As a basic guide, choosing seasonal content that's time-based or event-based is a great way to start. If NFL season is fast-approaching, write a blog post about how your brand interacts with the festivities and why customers should get involved. Next, post it on Facebook and run a paid ad behind it to ensure that the largest group of people engage with it.

Regularly Measure Success

Finally, you have to do regular check-ins with your content marketing team to measure everyone's success.Whether it's through Google Analytics or your isolated reports from social media profiles and your website, regularly sit down with your staff to investigate the return of your team's efforts. If you notice that your bounce rate on separate blog posts is high or no one is opening your emails, it may be time to reevaluate your strategy and execution to identify the problem.

Fiverr Makes Content Marketing Easy

Although finding the right content marketing team can be tough, Fiverr removes a lot of the leg work to offer you vetted professionals within your budget.With lots of industries and roles to choose from, take your time searching through the platform for the right freelancers that mesh with your long-term goals. Also, if you're looking to save time and cut right to the chase, freelancers on Fiverr Pro offer an extra layer of execution with a track record of impeccable marks from a long list of buyers just like yourself.Don't waste time and money on half-baked content strategies that lead nowhere. Instead, choose Fiverr freelancers for an all-star team.

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