6 Reasons Gig Packages is a Great Tool for Sellers

gig packages

We recently introduced Gig packages, a new program that allows Fiverr sellers to offer bundled options. One member of the Fiverr community, best_copywriter recently wrote a detailed post in the Fiverr forum highlighting 45 reasons why this feature benefits sellers.

Here’s the short list:

1) A nicely packaged sales pitch

Hopefully one that a buyer can’t refuse. By laying out the details of what your custom Gig Package offers, you can set yourself apart form other sellers and show them that you’re a skilled professional who anticipates the needs of their customers.

2) A way to set boundaries

The post notes that now sellers don’t have include sections that say “What I Won’t Do,” which honestly isn’t the most sales-friendly phrase in the world. Instead, your Gig Package lays all of this out explicitly, letting the buyer know exactly what they’re getting.

3) You get fewer questions from buyers

The post notes, “On Fiverr you are successful when you keep things informative and short.” Gig Packages do exactly this, allowing your buyer to choose you for a job faster, rather than leaving them with questions that may cause them to look elsewhere.

4) Organizes your workflow

One point in the post reads: “The Gig Packages tool helps you establish your workflow and communicate it to potential buyers.” Your workflow is probably something that is so ingrained into your day-to-day that you don’t think about how important it is to establish it officially.

By creating a package, you’re essentially laying out the necessary steps for producing work. Doing this helps you manage and value your time more effectively. It also keeps you honest and forces you to not cut any corners in order to get the job done quickly.

5) Puts more value on Extras

Before packages, you may have provided some extra work out of kindness to your buyer. For instance, let’s say a customer wanted to see multiple design options, before a final decision is made. Without Gig packages, you may have offered that almost for free, until you settled on something they like, which is nice of you, but not the most cost effective way to use your time. By putting a price tag on these extras, you’re able to breakdown how much you charge for your services.

6) Illustrates your professional worth

If a client sees the lengths you are willing to go to in order to make them happy, they’ll feel comfortable working with you and maybe even paying a bit more than they were initially planning to.

Are you using Gig packages? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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When will the packages feature come to the rest of the gig categories?

Rakesh Mistry
Rakesh Mistry

Helpful post!


Great post. Gig packages are really helpful for sellers and easier than extras to clarify their services …


Nice post.

Chuck Broadmoore
Chuck Broadmoore

So much for “five”err