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Adam Aviv
August 17, 2016
suggested quick responses

We’re always looking for ways to save sellers’ time. Since being a Fiverr seller often means responding to a high volume of questions and requests from potential buyers, in addition to managing ongoing orders, we’re giving you a new way to work even faster with Suggested Quick Responses. Suggested Quick Responses are pre-written, templated messages related to buyer inquiries and order status that you can select and easily send to buyers. We developed types of messages and copy based our research into the most common communications between sellers and buyers. Suggested Quick Responses also creates a consistent shopping experience for buyers, making it easier for them to immediately understand the info you’re trying to convey as each message is optimized to be clear and service-oriented.It’s easy to get started using them: Quick Responses will now be opened by default for fast replying when a buyer first contacts you. You can drag and rearrange your list of Quick Responses so that they appear in the order most useful to you. You can order the messages differently in the inbox list and the order page list.To quickly embed the recipient’s username in your message, you can now type {username}. Below is a summary of all the available Suggested Quick Responses and when you’ll want to use them:

When a request is outside of your expertise:

I’m not able to do this Hi {username},Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, your request doesn't align with the service that I offer. Here is what I suggest we do… .Thanks,Seller

When you need more details before you can start:

Interesting, but I need info Hi {username},Thanks for contacting me. I am interested in working for you and would like to provide you with a custom offer. However, I will need more details, such as .Thanks,Seller

When you’re ready to begin:

Sure, let’s get started Hi {username},Thanks for contacting me. I would be very interested in working with you on this project. .Thanks,Seller(Note: when you use the “Sure, let’s get started” message, we suggest adding a Custom Offer to your response so that it’s easy for the buyer to initiate the order. )We’re also giving you additional Suggested Quick Responses once an order is in-progress:

Starting an Order:

Thanks for your order Hi {username},Thanks for your order! I'll get to this as soon as I can.Thanks,Seller

Delivering an Order:

Here is your delivery Hi {username},Thanks again for your order! Your delivery is enclosed. If there are any problems, please let me know. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.Thanks again and have a great day! :)Seller

Declining to Accept an order:

I’m unable to do this Hi {username},Thanks for your order. Unfortunately, your request doesn't align with the service that I offer. Here is what I suggest we do… .Thanks,SellerWhile you still have the option of crafting your own Quick Responses, taking advantage of Suggested Quick Responses will save you even more time. Suggested Quick Responses are a great tool for developing a professional, service-oriented approach to communicating with buyers. They can also be useful if English is not your first language, or if you’re just looking to save time!

What time-saving techniques have you found on Fiverr? Tell us in the comments below!

Adam Aviv
Product Manager in the Seller Experience Team and Payments Team. Working at Fiverr since 2014, Adam leads production groups that build and improve Fiverr, to make selling and buying easy and enjoyable.
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