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8 Growing Trends To Push Your Business Forward

Ben Conde
December 28, 2016
New business trends

Want to push your business to the next level? Here at Fiverr® we spend a lot of time analyzing key trends in e-commerce. As you well know, internet-oriented businesses must keep up with industry and technological advancements to thrive. Although, you probably won’t have the time to pursue all of these trends, it is crucial to invest your time and money in some of these developments.

1. Mobile, mobile, and mobile.

In the next year or two, mobile purchases may easily outpace computer commerce. Almost 40% of people that shopped online during Black Friday purchased items on mobile devices, and that trend will only increase. Make sure that your web assets are as mobile friendly as possible. If you only take one tip from this column, this is the one.

2. Multichannel selling and data analyzing.

Beyond mobile options, you can also investigate other ways to expand your reach, such as integrating with relevant shopping feeds and other popular outlets. All of these channels must be analyzed with tools such as Google Analytics to reap the most personalized conclusions about your customers.

3. Offer free or faster shipping options.

Both Amazon and eBay are offering increasingly fast shipping: if you want to compete with the big boys, figure out how to make your shipping faster. Otherwise, more of your customers may just go the local store.

4. Focus on content marketing

Long gone are the days that anonymous, badly written SEO articles ruled Google searches. Google got hip to the scam and changed its algorithm to favor high quality content, particularly authoritative content (such as news, widely shared content, etc), over keywords. So invest in writing useful content for your target audience, such as lifestyle posts, tips, case studies, etc.

5. Use SEO for local targeting.

That being said, traditional SEO will still be helpful for local targeting. Particularly small businesses can differentiate themselves from larger companies through local SEO targeting and personalized social media interactions with its base.

6. Globalization.

This takes a local targeting approach to the global level. If you want to take advantage of expanding foreign markets such as China, Russia, Brazil, and India - whose economies will likely exceed those of the U.S., Canada, and the richest countries in Western Europe by 2020 - customize and translate each of your campaigns for the local market you are penetrating.

7. Targeted social media advertisements.

As social media continues growing and the competition for organic rankings increases, more companies will turn to search and social media advertising.

8. Put your customer in the driver’s seat.

Getting feedback from your customers will allow you to cater your product to their needs. What do you think are the biggest trends in e-commerce? Share with us in the comments below.

Ben Conde
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