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7 Tips to Spruce Up Your Mom Blog This Spring

Angela Nelson
May 10, 2017

Spring is the perfect time to give your blog a facelift. But this doesn't necessarily mean a total website redesign – even a few small tweaks can make a huge impact. The goal is to freshen some things up a bit, while also setting up strategic elements that will help you grow faster.

The best part? You can outsource many of these tasks inexpensively on Fiverr. Here are some of the ways you can easily refresh your mom blog without blowing your budget:

Optimize Your Blog Posts Use content upgrades: Content upgrades are targeted bonuses offered to those signing up for your newsletter list after reading a post and they are becoming increasingly popular among mom bloggers. Pro-blogger Chantel Arnett has had success turning popular posts that include tips into downloaded checklists for new subscribers. Depending on your content, you could offer things like printable recipes or kids' activity worksheets.

• Check all your links:
Now is also a great time to proofread those popular posts and check for any broken links. One broken link may mean missed traffic or income if it's an affiliate link.

Update your keywords: One thing you can do to help yourself with future blog posts is to put together a list of keywords in your niche. Not only can these be great for SEO, but also for Pinterest, which is a major traffic driver for bloggers targeting a mom audience.

Boost Your Social Presence Protect your content: First, make sure all your pinnable images are watermarked. You can have a transparent watermark with your blog name created inexpensively that you can add to future images with the click of a button. This will help readers recognize your content quickly on social media.

• Update your profiles: Do you need new headers? How about a cute new profile picture? And if you run a Facebook group, think about making some custom images you can post for your topic theme days such as Tasty Tuesday Recipes and Thankful Thursday, which busy mom bloggers – and their followers – love.

MonetizeSell your content: By converting any ebooks you currently offer to ePub and Kindle formats, you can start selling them on platforms like Amazon to reach additional customers.

Optimize traffic with ads: Consider running Facebook ads to generate more traffic. Facebook has specific rules for its ad images, so make sure to check with their guidelines or outsource it to an experienced designer. If you want to keep your blog relevant and successful, there are always new ideas to implement and new content to produce – and outsourcing it to Fiverr experts can be a huge help.

How will you update your blog this season? Which blogs that you follow have successfully refreshed their design?

Angela Nelson
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