Optimizing your Fiverr Portfolio

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Your Fiverr Gig® portfolio can be the critical factor for converting buyer interest into sales. When a buyer discovers you, it’s crucial you make the most of those precious few seconds to grab their attention, build respect for your work and transform buyers into customers.

Enabling your Live Portfolio™ helps you keep your Gig dynamic, relevant and most importantly provides you with a living display where you can showcase your completed work.

Whether it’s a new Gig you’re rolling out or redesigning existing Gigs®, here are some tips to help you use each of the Gig elements to the fullest.

Gig Images

Take advantage of all three of the image slots, choose each one to best convey the scope and variety of your work. You can also take advantage of this slot to provide buyers a visual breakdown for your pricing to reinforce what you write in the description.

Your main Gig image should be not only the most attractive, but also memorable. It should represent your work and yourself while grabbing your buyers’ attention.

Avoid overloading your images with lots of text and symbols. Let the images speak for themselves. If you need to use text, keep it brief to avoid a cluttered look, which can end up confusing your buyer.
It goes without saying that your images should be of high quality and royalty free (unless you own the copyright for them).

Gig Video

Having a video gives you the opportunity to speak directly to your potential customer. It is also a great way to showcase your work.

No matter the category, adding a video will benefit you. If you offer graphics, audio, video or any other Gig where you can easily put together a slideshow or compilation to showcase your work, this is the place to display it.

If your Gigs are in categories like programming, writing and translation or other areas that video doesn’t seem relevant, focus on selling your talent, experience and personality. Don’t let the opportunity to connect one on one with a buyer go to waste!

Gig Text

In this section, you want to answer the question, “Why should I hire you?” Explain how your talent and experience makes you the right person for a buyer needing this Gig.

Remember, although your Gig may be highly technical, your description should not be. Your text should be inviting, clear and above all, professional.

It’s About the Total Package

All of these separate components should join together naturally to form a powerful incentive for buyers to make a purchase. Of course you can still advertise your work on Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo, Blogpost, Soundcloud, Dailymotion and Tumblr.

However, you don’t want buyers to visit and leave, you want them engaged, compelled and most of all you want them to buy and come back for more. To accomplish this, avoid sending buyers away from your Fiverr Gigs. Once they go they might not come back to complete the sale.

How do you show your work? Please share in the comments below, on our forum or via email at community@Fiverr.com.

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