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Fiverr’s Fall 2023 Business Trends Index

Fiverr Team
October 5, 2023
Fall Business Trends Index

Trends change quickly — this is especially true for businesses right now, as business leaders try to adapt to a rapidly changing consumer environment and embrace new technology. Based on trends that have emerged on the Fiverr platform, it’s clear that businesses across industries — from retail stores to tech companies and shipping services — are taking advantage of the new tools at their fingertips. It also shows the important role freelance talent has played in helping them evolve. 

Taking advantage of opportunity is the core theme of Fiverr’s 8th Business Trends Index, which reveals the business services that have grown in demand in the last 6 months, based on an uptick in searches on the platform. The main trends to surface in this index include: 

(1) businesses exploring new and more specific projects with AI

(2) retail companies preparing to capture modern consumers during shopping season

(3) service businesses stepping up their digital presence. 

At the start of this year, business leaders eagerly sought ways to understand and adopt AI tools. Search trends show that they've refined their focus, seeking out experts to help them create tools and assets aligned with their specific business needs — from prompt engineers to AI app developers. The months leading up to key shopping moments, including back-to-school and the holiday season, are also an important time for retailers, who are adapting to more effectively meet modern consumers. Fiverr searches reveal retailers are seeking freelance experts to help them with everything from updating their product descriptions, to improving their e-commerce site, and creating mock-ups of new products. Service businesses, like shipping logistics, construction, and repairs are similarly faced with the challenge of meeting customer needs faster and more efficiently. These businesses are seeking the support of freelance developers to build custom websites that will allow them to grow and make customer interaction more seamless.

Trending Global Searches:                             

Growing comfort with AI tech and exploration of new possibilities

  • AI content editing +10,490%
  • Prompt engineering +7,345% 
  • AI video +3,746%

Retail revs up ahead of shopping season 

  • E-commerce website developer +3,333%
  • Amazon A+ content +12,256%
  • Clothing store +525%

Service industries are stepping up their online strategy

  • Trucking website +3,442%
  • Handyman website +1,398%
  • Property management website +1,397% 

In addition to the global findings, Fiverr’s Business Trends Index also breaks down the fastest-growing searches for businesses in the U.S., Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, and the U.K. A country-by-country breakdown is viewable here.

Fiverr Team
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