Making “Connections”: Behind the Scenes of Our New Campaign

Lights, camera, connections!

2 continents.

2.5 weeks.

3 shoots.

30+ community member interviews.

60 portraits.

75+ out-of-home ads.

100+ videos.

Countless stories.

An endless supply of inspiration.

1 new campaign celebrating the power of connections.

Fiverr exists to change how the world works together. But that world is evolving. People are leveraging collaboration tools to work digitally from anywhere around the world, with global or remote teams, and are always looking to uplevel their skills. So as the future of work evolves, so does our story. We’re an online ecosystem, where each innovative individual brings professional needs and creative contributions.

So when setting out to celebrate the power of these connections forged on Fiverr, we knew we couldn’t do it alone. You can’t talk about creative collaborations without some visionary partners. So we tapped creative agency Mekanism, photographer Jason Madera, director Martin Stirling, Fiverr Pro videography team Colormatics, and (most importantly) real Fiverr community members from both sides of the marketplace to bring our brand-new brand story to life.

Take a peek behind the scenes of our whirlwind production of the #FiverrConnections campaign, coming soon to a social channel, billboard and subway stop near you. 

And guess what? It’s not too late to be a part of the campaign! Stay tuned for success stories from the 20+ community members featured in the campaign. Then share your own #FiverrConnections success stories in the comments below or on social for the chance to earn Fiverr credit and be profiled right here on The Do List.

Here’s to doing more together in 2019!

Fiverr Team
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Lovely initiative


It was one of the best adds I saw so far. Fiverr really create these types of adds before But I feel This add is the best of all time.

Hannah Curran

Thanks so much! We would love to hear about your #FiverrConnections.

Laura K Welsh
Laura K Welsh

Great transition for the #NewYearNewYou of Fiverr! Love that you’re featuring a collaboration and networking side for fiverr!

Myself (lkwelsh) and Jelena_videos are one of my favorite successes in that. She does the whiteboards/explainers, and I give them a killer Voiceover!

We’d be thrilled to be featured, but are just as happy having found a wonderful teammate to work with!