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Fiverr Launches Social Impact Hub

Michelle Baltrusitis
March 21, 2024
Fiverr Social Impact

At Fiverr, we've always understood the impact our platform can have, not just on businesses and freelancers, but on communities as a whole. With the launch of our Social Impact Hub, we're taking our commitment to positive change to the next level.

The hub is a place where the Fiverr community, nonprofit organizations, and partners can come together to explore and engage with our social impact programs and partnerships. It's a space designed to showcase our ongoing initiatives, highlight impactful partnerships, and provide resources for social impact organizations leading change.

The core mission of Fiverr’s social impact work is to make way for community breakthroughs by nurturing equity, well-being, and impact. More specifically, the areas we build programming and partnerships around are focused on: Fostering economic opportunity, supporting freelancer well-being, and amplifying the impact of nonprofit organizations.

The need for positive change has never been more urgent. As we navigate through an ever-evolving landscape, we must come together to address our world's challenges. Whether it's bridging the opportunity gap, promoting mental health and well-being, or supporting organizations making a difference, there's no shortage of work to be done.

To stay up-to-date on the latest news, initiatives, and opportunities within the Social Impact Hub, be sure to visit the hub and join our mailing list. Check out Fiverr’s Social Impact Hub here and let's build a better future together!

Michelle Baltrusitis
Michelle Baltrusitis is a Social Impact Manager at Fiverr driving the company’s social impact strategy and purpose-driven programs. These programs include digital workforce development initiatives, entrepreneurial fellowships, small-business kickstarters and micro-grants.
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