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Fiverr’s Crisis Response: Support in Times of Need

Michelle Baltrusitis
January 31, 2024

At Fiverr, we understand that external challenges can impact freelancers' ability to work and succeed on our platform. To ensure continued support for our global community during crises, we've implemented a streamlined crisis response process. This process is designed to minimize disruptions and prioritize the well-being of our freelancers, ultimately enhancing the overall Fiverr experience.

How We Respond:

When a crisis arises, we activate our Crisis Response Task Force, led by key executives across departments. Their role is to quickly assess the situation and determine the appropriate response. This could involve communication strategies, product adjustments (e.g. freezing metrics), or, in more severe cases, deploying funding to local NGOs supporting affected communities. 

As seen in our response to the Ukraine crisis, we may utilize dedicated stores, supporting freelancers from the affected region and donating transaction fees to local nonprofits.

Communication is Key:

During times of crisis, clear and timely communication is crucial. We leverage various channels, including forums, in-app notifications, email, and direct customer support, to keep both freelancers and buyers informed. Our goal is to reassure our community, provide guidance, and show solidarity, ensuring everyone feels supported during challenging circumstances.

Our dedication to freelancers goes beyond the platform's day-to-day operations. We're committed to standing by our community during challenging times, fostering a sense of security and support. By implementing a robust crisis response process, we aim to minimize disruptions, reinforce our commitment to our freelancers, and continue being a reliable partner in their professional journey.

Michelle Baltrusitis
Michelle Baltrusitis is a Social Impact Manager at Fiverr driving the company’s social impact strategy and purpose-driven programs. These programs include digital workforce development initiatives, entrepreneurial fellowships, small-business kickstarters and micro-grants.
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