Home Run: Copywriting & Photo Editing For Real Estate

Pictures are worth a thousand words—although great copy helps, too!

As a real estate agent, keeping track of multiple listings can be a consuming task. And in order to put those listings in the best possible light, each piece of property must be described in all its intricate details. This takes the talent of a writer who can make amenities and architectural details sound as enticing as possible. The same goes for creating inviting imagery of a property – the help of a professional can make all the difference.

In order to keep your mental energy saved for the tasks that matter most, you can make use of copywriting and photo-retouching services on Fiverr. Here are several ways that ad writing and photo editing can strengthen your real estate business and save time.

Describe listings attractively.

Some agents are convincing in person, but stiffer in writing. Chances are you could benefit from using a professional copywriter who is skilled at elevating objects through vivid description. Their job is to paint a vivid visual picture, which is particularly useful in detailing a physical apartment or house in an ad. Some valuable elements of a property might also not be obvious in photos (new fixtures, for example) and so a copywriter can bring attention to these details.

Keep up-to-date listings.

If you’re constantly running from property to property, it’s likely difficult to keep track of how your listings are changing online. Properties sell, change prices, or re-open on the market continuously throughout the day. Having a copywriter at the ready can help you keep listings updated in real-time without intervention from you. Rather than try to monitor postings while speaking with clients and moving from site to site, employ a helping hand to tackle this for you.

Retouch photographs.

When you have real estate agents working for you, you want to ensure they have time and energy to focus on selling. This means making it easier for them to access the compelling photographs needed to sell an apartment. Employing a photo retoucher will allow them to simply snap photos on the go on their smartphones, then have the pictures touched-up remotely. Perhaps it’s dim in the room, or the angle isn’t quite right. Bringing in outside retouchers will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of the original images while letting your real estate agents put all their efforts into selling.

What other ways do you think copywriting and photo retouching can help out a real estate business? Check out the Fiverr marketplace for writing and photography services to get started.

Whit Walker
Category Manager at Fiverr. For work, I am focused on improving the Marketing & Tech Categories for both buyers and sellers. On my own, I love using the marketplace to pursue creative and side business pursuits.
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