Design Your Dream Career: A Day in the Life of Illustrator Tima Aflitunov


It’s about Tima you met Tima Aflitunov, an up-and-coming illustrator and a rising talent in the Fiverr design category. Read on to learn more about his inspirations, artsy #goals, and take a peek at his creative process and daily schedule as a visual communicator and full-time freelancer. 

Who: Tima Aflitunov, aka Sharpbubble 

What: Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Where: Maryland, USA

Fiverr Gigs: Professional Illustration and Visual Communication

Hey Tima! First things first – tell us a little bit about yourself

Tima Aflitunov here – nice to e-meet you! I am an illustrator, graphic designer, art director and creative writer based out of Baltimore, Maryland. I graduated from Maryland Institute College of Arts and ended up going back to help teach other students. While I’ve finished my studies, for now, I feel like I never stop learning.

Amazing! So how did you get into art?

I’ve worked in the visual communication field for over seven years now, but I’ve been an artist at heart most of my life. My interest in art was solidified when I realized that even though I speak four languages, communication is still limited, in the sense that I can only reach the minds of people who speak the same tongue. I view art as a universal language that rises above verbal communication.

Walk us through your typical day as an illustrator. 

Rise and Shine
I roll out of bed at around 8:00 AM and jump right into my exercise routine. After my workout, It’s time for a cold shower, hot coffee, and a freshly cooked breakfast to get my day going.

Work time
I usually begin working at around 9:30 AM. That’s when my creative juices start flowing.  

Break time
I don’t reserve a specific time for breaks, but I normally stop for lunch whenever I get tired, hungry or stuck (usually due to the fact that I’m tired or hungry :)). Depending on how I feel that day, I’ll either go outside for a walk, exercise, go online for a while, practice my guitar or just stretch and relax. After my lunch, when my batteries have recharged, I return to the grind.

At the end of the day…
Because I love what I do, I am very bad at setting an end time for my workday. Sometimes, I might finish working at dinnertime around 6:00 PM, and other times I work late into the night and keep going until I fall asleep.

What are your goals as an artist?

I strive to create meaningful and impactful art I can share with others. Projects that challenge creativity and carry a positive message are the most satisfying and good concepts and clever creative solutions are very important to me. In order to always be on top of my game, I keep an art blog on IG, where I set weekly challenges for myself. I strive to create at least one illustration a day so I can continuously expand my visual vocabulary.

What keeps you inspired when you’re not illustrating?

Creative writing works great for inspiration and generating new ideas and concepts. Sometimes, when I experience artists’ block, I might spend more time writing than illustrating.

What made you join Fiverr?

I wanted to try something new and to broaden my online reach. I would love to acquire new prospects, expand my portfolio and have fun to generate creative solutions.










⚡ Lighting round ⚡

Favorite thing to draw: Ideas and concepts
Pick a color: Red
Best spot to sketch: In the shade
Day or night? Night
People or pets? Pets
Work or play? Work is play
Pizza or pasta? Pizza
Instagram or Facebook? IG
Rihanna or Beyonce? 🙂 Queen 🐝

Love Tima’s style? Take a look at his Fiverr Gigs—and drop him a line in the comments below!

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Debbie Stanton
Debbie Stanton

Hi Tima! I enjoyed this article because I like your artwork, you are a creative writer like I am, and you’re very well spoken. Currently, a Seller is developing my branding for my author/proofreading business. I am thinking of becoming a Seller for proofreading or creative writing on Fiverr, once we hit mid-October. Any advice? Be sure and contact me if I can do proofreading for your writing career. 🙂


Great man, your words inspired me a lot. God bless you.


Inspiring artwork.