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Why Use YouTube Shorts for Marketing?

Fiverr Team
April 8, 2022
YouTube Shorts

If there’s one thing we can learn from the success of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, it’s this:

Video content doesn’t have to be lengthy to generate engagement.

Unlike written content where longer is often better, shorter videos are perfect for the age of digital immediacy. Everyone wants everything—be it videos or online courses—to deliver useful information fast. For social media users, short-form videos are perfect for satiating their need for quick learning experiences or even entertainment.

According to HubSpot’s 2022 Marketing Industry Survey, short-form video has the highest ROI out of all social media content. That’s why 30% of marketers prioritized short-form videos in their marketing budget this year.

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is Google’s answer to TikTok, which disrupted the video-sharing industry during the pandemic.

Unlike regular YouTube uploads, YouTube Shorts are capped at 60 seconds maximum. This allowed creators to create quick, daily videos that resonate with their audience on a personal level.

Before globally launching in July of 2021, YouTube Shorts amassed billions of daily views in its beta version. Just a year later in 2022, the short-form video sharing platform cracked the 5-trillion mark in overall views.

Why Use YouTube Shorts for Marketing?

As a marketing tool, YouTube Shorts offers a convenient and easy way to consistently publish bite-sized videos.

Its main advantage is it taps into YouTube’s already-massive user base and reliable engagement performance. It also comes with a set of handy editing features, like:

  • Easy filters and effects: When creating YouTube Shorts, you can apply filters and enhance the video’s lighting during and after recording. They can also replace their video’s background without investing in an actual green screen.
  • Sounds and text overlays: YouTube Shorts lets you add background music with just a few taps. You can then add text overlays and review your changes using the timeline tool.
  • Trim videos: Individual clips can be trimmed using the YouTube Shorts editor. This, paired with the align tool, lets you achieve smooth transitions between clips.

While these features are designed to be beginner-friendly, they’re surprisingly versatile enough for professional video editors. It’s easy to discern rushed videos created within minutes from professionally-made clips that are polished to perfection.

YouTube Shorts Marketing: 5 Quick Tips for Success

To use YouTube Shorts for marketing, here are five proven tips you should remember:

1. Say goodbye to lengthy intros

Most, if not all, of the popular YouTube Shorts, don’t have an intro. They often start with a question or thought-provoking statement followed immediately by the main “meat” of the content.

2. Make it easier for users to focus on you  

If you don’t want to use the green screen effect, limit the number of people and objects in your background. That’s why picking a good location for your YouTube Shorts should always be your first step.

3. Post about topics your audience cares about

The key to video marketing success is to research your audience, understand their problems, and deliver content to help them. It’s acceptable to upload random Shorts for the sake of humanizing your brand, but your strategy should revolve around meaningful content topics.

4. Schedule your Shorts

YouTube Shorts comes with a built-in scheduler, which lets you publish your video at a specific time. Use this to align your publishing strategy with your target audience’s behavior and maximize views.

5. Write engaging descriptions

Ideally, your video should include bits that encourage readers to leave comments, like asking a question or requesting feedback. You can also spur engagement by addressing viewers in your video’s description.

Dominate YouTube Shorts with Fiverr

YouTube Shorts can provide marketers with an easy and accessible channel for reaching a wider audience. To stand out, be sure to develop a YouTube Shorts social marketing strategy and make each video count.

You can count on Fiverr’s collective of highly skilled video marketing professionals to create the perfect YouTube Shorts strategy for your brand. Good luck!

Fiverr Team
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