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Why Entrepreneurs Should Use Fiverr's Video Pros

Ben Conde
September 1, 2017

You already know the power of video and its ability to positively influence purchase decisions, build customer trust, and spread the word about your product or service. But perhaps you're uncertain how to make a video that will best represent your small or medium-sized business or brand. Or maybe you're just short on money and time.That's where Fiverr comes in.

The Fiverr marketplace is full of video services that can help you produce compelling content that your customers and followers will consume and share. But first, you'll want to think about what kind of video best suits your business and brand, and will be best received by your target audience—especially as you prepare your 30-second video to submit to Fiverr + New York Yankees #TheGameChanger contest!

The following are some examples of video styles to choose from before you hire your Fiverr video pro:

Spokesperson and Testimonial Videos

You know you have an awesome product, but who's going to believe you? Boost your credibility by creating a video testimonial. Fiverr makes it easy for you to find the ideal spokesperson for your business or brand. Do you want twins? Or someone who speaks Spanish?

How about a couples testimonial? Filters for age, accent, and gender (you could even go with a puppet) help you narrow down your options as you discover your perfect representative.

Whiteboard and Explainer Videos

If you have a product or service that requires some background explanation, whiteboard and explainer videos can help you make the perfect pitch. Whiteboard videos, where viewers typically watch a hand creating the animation against a white background, are especially engaging, and boast high retention rates.

They're perfect for educating your target audience in a fun and informal way. Younger audiences tend to be drawn to animated explainer videos, regardless of animation style.

Promotional and Brand Videos

Sometimes you just need to engage in some self-promotion – and often it's best if someone else does it for you (you'll look better that way). Select a style that works best for your brand.

Maybe you need an ecstatic, dancing man to celebrate a limited offer or sale. Or perhaps you're looking for some cinematic edge, or a cute, gurgling baby, a Google-esque search promo, or something that looks like it came straight from the runway. Browse around and find what suits you best.

Intros and Animated Logos

Take your business image to the next level and have your company logo animated. It'll make a memorable impression in your target audience's mind – plus, animated logos can come with cool sound effects.

Intros and animated logos give you the chance to create a powerful hook that will keep your customers coming back. Have fun with your intro – be bold and adventurous.

Editing and Post-Production

Once you're finished with your video – wait, you aren't finished yet. There's still room for improvement. That's where Fiverr's editing and post-production pros step in. There are numerous video editors to help with the final touches, whether it's adding subtitles, tweaking the audio, or completing post-production within 24 hours. Fiverr's experts are here to give your video a perfect finish.

Now that we live in a world where one-third of all online activity is devoted to watching video, it's time your business stepped up and made a video (or two). Fiverr has every small and medium-sized business's video needs covered for every stage along the way.

How does your business benefit from video? What types of videos have been especially popular with your customers? Tell us in the comments below—and don't forget to submit your brand story to #TheGameChanger!

Ben Conde
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