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Whitepaper: The Fiverr UK Remote Work 2020 Report

Fiverr Team
June 10, 2020

The normal 9-5 office work schedule already seems like a lifetime ago – but in reality it’s been just a few short months.

So much has changed since the beginning of this year, it can be hard to get your bearings. But one thing we do know for sure is that both Fiverr freelancers and the UK SME community have been buffeted by the winds of change more than most.

So we felt it was super important to find out just what’s happened to this crucial business community – and what the future might look like for them.

To do this, we spoke to 1,000 SME owners and decision makers up and down the UK to find out what impact the coronavirus crisis has had on their businesses.

Some of the key stats we discovered include:

  • Businesses have already lost an average of £277,000 in revenues per company
  • 64% expect revenues to decrease by half in the coming months
  • Over half felt unprepared for the pandemic – and 37% of those blame the Government
  • Flexibility is key to keeping wheels turning, as 58% use freelancers more than they did before lockdown

Download the full report below:

Fiverr UK Remote Work 2020 ReportDownload PDF

Fiverr Team
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