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Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Your Animation Project

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July 29, 2019
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Animation is an exciting technique for bringing to life many projects of all types and sizes. Whether you need an explainer video, a moving logo or a GIF, animation offers the widest range of styles, control, and impact of any visual medium. 

Animation is an effective medium because:

  • It’s relatable: It’s easier for people to see themselves in the simplified form of animated characters. This has helped iconic characters from Mickey Mouse and Scooby-Doo to Bart Simpson appeal to and engage generations of viewers over decades.  
  • Animation can be produced anywhere at a reasonable cost: With animation created on high-end consumer-grade computers, costly specialized equipment and facilities are no longer necessary. The popularity of animation schools and online classes means that there are many talented animators with the skill and expertise to deliver affordable, top-quality work on all types of projects.
  • Animation offers complete control over every aspect of the visuals, allowing for seamless integration of branding into content that maximizes connections with audiences.  

Pro Tip:If you're just getting started with your animation project you may not know what to budget. To understand what an animation project might cost, take advantage of Fiverr's easy quoting, and "post a request" system you can easily determine various price points for your project.

Common Animation Projects 

While animation has always been popular in TV advertising, the digital age has found a growing number of ways animation can be used effectively: 

  • Whiteboard and animated explainers: These short online videos use simple animation to explain complex ideas and pitches in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.  
  • Logo animation: A little movement draws attention to the most important element of a company or brand’s identity. 
  • Character Animation: Characters can be great avatars for connecting with an audience across platforms and over time. 
  • Animated GIFs: Small animations can make a big impression, especially if your image is catchy enough to go viral.
  • Animation for kids: Children have always been drawn to animation, making the technique a solid choice for reaching youngsters.

Which Type of Animation Is Right For Your Project?

Animation is a broad term that covers a lot of different styles. The most important decision is which type of animation to use.

  • 2D animation is the most common. This is seen in classic Disney features, old cartoon shorts, and Saturday morning kids shows, and is created using either images drawn by hand or created and manipulated on a computer. The images are usually simple, with the animator’s skill bringing style to the look and movement of the animation. 2D animation is the easiest and quickest way to iterate ideas and get to an effective final result for a reasonable cost.
  • 3D animation is done exclusively on computers, and is most common in projects with higher budgets. 3D animation requires more work on the front end, as characters, settings, and other elements have to be designed and created in the computer before the actual animation begins. Those elements, however, can be reused, making 3D a more viable approach for long-term projects. 3D animation projects more likely require a team or studio than a single animator.

Pro Tip: When searching for a Fiverr freelancer for your project, look for a freelancer that offers multiple examples of the animation style you prefer. Assess their ratings, and start a conversation by requesting a quote from them.

Preparing to Find a Freelance Animator

Having decided what kind of project you want and what style of animation it requires, there are still a few questions to ask:

  • Do you need a script? It depends on your project. An animated logo or a GIF probably doesn't require a script, but animation for kids, explainers, and whiteboards are more likely to need a script of some kind. An animator may be able to start developing a project without one, but a script is necessary before the real animation work begins. If a script doesn’t yet exist, a studio may be able to help develop one. Otherwise, you’ll need to produce a script in-house or hire a scriptwriter.
  • Do you need voice actors? If voices are part of the project, then yes. Luckily, good voice-over performers are easy to find on the Fiverr marketplace.  
  • Do you need music? Music is very effective, so your project may not feel complete without it. It’s worth discussing music choices with your freelancer, but creating or licensing music for the project is a decision you’ll want to play a deciding role in.
  • Do you need to brainstorm with the animator? Some animators bring excellent ideas to the table, but the vision is ultimately yours. The clearer your vision of the project, the easier it will be for the animator to deliver it.

Pro Tip:When putting together an animation brief you may want to include links to or details about:

  • The script, or if you do not yet have a script, then have one written for you
  • A storyboard of what scenes you would like animated
  • Directions on what level of voice acting and audio you are looking for

How to Hire an Animator on Fiverr

Fiverr makes it easy to hire professional animators for any project. The freelance marketplace is filled with animators qualified to tackle your project and deliver outstanding results. 

Finding Your Freelance Animator

Search by the type of animation you want and use the Find Your Video Creator wizard to help you further narrow your search. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, create a custom listing -- give a detailed overview of the job you want done, and let qualified applicants come to you. Remember, on Fiverr, you can also communicate with a freelancer prior to hiring them, so, for example, if you find a freelancer who has a portfolio and style you love, but the gigs they've got on offer don't quite fit your needs, you can message them via the platform. From there, you can discuss your specific needs, whether the freelance animator has the skills and capacity to take on your job, and then create a custom gig.

Fiverr Find Your Video Creator sub category wizard

Set your budget ahead of time. Do your research and get a sense for how much a decent freelance animator is likely to cost. When you're searching for the right candidate, stick to your budget, but don't be tempted to just go with the cheapest option. Look for a solid mix of professional quality and good value.

Whether you’re hiring a freelance animator, you’ll want to look at their reel - or samples of previous work. Make sure the quality of their previous projects meets your own quality standards and that their style aligns with your vision.

Before You Finalize the Gig

So now you think you've found the freelance animator you need, and you're ready to get on with things. But before you finalize the gig, it's vital that both you and the freelancer are totally clear on the terms. Have you given a full, detailed project brief that clearly communicates your vision and the purpose of the animation? Have you given your chosen freelance animator the chance to ask questions and seek clarification and guidance? Have you both agreed on the maximum number of revision rounds? Have you established a hard deadline? How about milestones?  Get really clear on all of these elements before you close the deal.

Your To Do List

When putting together an animation brief you should:

  1. Establish the type of animation you need
  2. Use Fiverr's Find Your Video Creator wizard to select which other services you need and to narrow your search for qualified applicants
  3. Provide a clear, detailed project brief and give your freelancer ample opportunity to ask questions
  4. Be very clear on the terms of the engagement
  • Establish a hard deadline
  • Establish milestones for specific deliverables
  • Agree on the number of revisions per milestone
  • Discuss price and payment terms
  1. Buy your custom gig and let your freelance animator get to work
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Liron Smadja, Corporate Marketing

“Use Post a Request – it will save you the trouble of having to spend hours searching, and it will bring interested parties directly to you. Create a thorough brief, including references, and post it in the morning. By the end of the day, you’ll likely have around 20 sellers ready to work who already understand your project. ”

Finishing the Job

Like most freelancers, animators are always eager for steady customers, and knowing you have an animator in your corner you can trust to create engaging and effective content gives you a striking communication edge. However, the best animators are usually in demand and can pick and choose who they work with. Therefore, it's vital that you establish yourself as an outstanding client. Be professional and approachable, and always answer your freelancer's questions promptly. If they've done a great job, let them know, and help them out by leaving them a fair an honest review and appropriate feedback on the Fiverr marketplace. 

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