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What Can a Freelance Architect Do for Your Business?

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August 23, 2022
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If you’re looking to start a new construction project or make adjustments to an existing building, it’s essential to hire a skilled architect that understands building development.

Architects often work for firms, which are larger companies that may have several architects working within them. Alternatively, architects also work for themselves, either for their own company or as freelancers.

In this article, you’ll learn what freelance architects do and why you should hire a freelance architect for your next building project.

What Does a Freelance Architect Do?

Freelance architects assist clients by planning and creating designs for new buildings and existing structures. Architects are responsible for schematic design, design development, contract documents, bidding, and contract administration. A freelance architect has all of the skills and responsibilities as an architect that works for a firm, the only difference is that they work independently.

Types of Work Performed by Freelance Architects

The typical duties that freelance architects are responsible for include planning sites, producing building plans, and creating designs. Freelance architects are also responsible for consulting with clients and assessing potential sites, alongside ensuring that building regulations are met.

A freelance architect will usually draw a plan that depicts the different elements of a building either on paper or digitally. To provide clients with a realistic view of a proposed building, a freelance architect may also use virtual reality technology to create an immersive building and environment.

How is a Freelance Architect Different than a Salaried Architect?

Freelance architects are no different from salary architects when it comes to the skills and responsibilities they have. However, freelance architects work with clients one-on-one, allowing them to provide more care and attention to their client’s projects. Another aspect of working with a freelance architect is that there’s no chain of command when dealing with the architect, they work for themselves, and you’re dealing with them directly.

The Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Architect

Working with a freelance architect can provide your business with multiple benefits, such as helping you to extend your property and evening guiding you to create a new building from the ground up. To avoid mistakes and hiccups, here’s why you should hire a freelance architect to work with your business.

Avoiding Design Errors

One key benefit of working with a freelance architect is the professional design and construction advice that they offer. Professional architects are experienced in understanding your vision and translating that into a design that complies with legal building regulations.

Tailored to Your Needs

Freelance architects are able to provide the exact level of design work that a salaried architect can; however, freelance architects can also work on a task-by-task basis. This can make freelance architects a more affordable option in comparison to an architect from a firm. In addition to being more affordable, freelance architects may be able to invest more time into your project, as they’re not consulting with several clients at once.

Creative Solutions

A professional architect will be able to provide you with creative solutions to your pain points. Architects are trained to solve their client’s problems. For example, a client may want more space for their employees’ vehicles or to create a new office in another city.  

Save Money

The services of a freelance architect are more of an investment than they are an added cost to your building project. Architects help to plan your project, so your building or renovation can be made in the most economic and efficient way possible. Thorough designs from an architect help contractors to accurately price and build your project.

Why You Should Hire a Freelance Architect

When working on a new building project for your business, hiring a freelance architect is essential, as it can help to reduce costs and ensure that your construction or renovation complies with legal standards. Freelance architects can help you choose the most suitable, energy-efficient materials and help you solve problems in creative ways.

To begin your next building project, hire a professional architect from the Fiverr marketplace today.

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