What are the Key Performance Indicators for a Data Analyst?

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January 21, 2022
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Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used to measure a business's performance over a set period of time. The data analyst must decode this information and present it in easy-to-understand terms, allowing organizations to develop more powerful strategies. Let's look at how a data analyst can utilize KIPs to help a business achieve ultimate success.

What Is a Data Analyst?

A data analyst examines an organization's data over a specific timeframe. They look at either the organization as a whole, or they focus on an individual department, such as sales, inventory, or finances. Their job is to compile the most useful information, highlighting the factors that will ultimately guide the business to make better decisions in the future. You can find a range of highly-qualified data analysts on Fiverr.

What Does a Data Analyst Do?

The specifics vary from job to job, but overall the data analyst needs to collect data and then decipher its meaning. They are the middle person between the surplus of information and the lead team and/or CEO. Yes, they're like an interpreter of nerdy numbers and boring graphs.

In general, data analysts follow these steps:

  • Identify: Fine-tune the area of interest, whether it's the big picture or department-specific.
  • Gather: Collect data via surveys, tracking visitor statistics on a business's website, purchasing complete datasets from data specialists, or using another mean.
  • Sort: Organize the information within a spreadsheet or software, ensuring all information is accurate and clearly displayed.
  • Analyze: Look for common trends, patterns of interest, or insightful tidbits that will help shine a light on areas of success and failure.
  • Present: Compile the info into graphs, diagrams, or a written report. A good analyst can break down the nitty-gritty into bite-sized points, sparking team leaders to develop new and innovative strategies.

Another spin-off role is a data scientist. This is someone who takes data analysis to the next level by creating an algorithm or statistical process that helps solve the company's identified problems.

What Are KPIs for Data Analysts?

This quantifiable measurement allows data to be counted, organized, and compared. Basically, the KPI is the data analyst's best friend. The specific KPIs will change from business to business, so having a wide toolset is advantageous in today's competitive market.

Not sure if the KPIs are hitting the data analyst performance metrics? Try asking the following questions:  

  • Is it able to be tracked as a number, percentage, or currency?
  • Can it be evaluated during a specific timeframe?
  • Will the final data be comparable to the original data?
  • Will the insights help contribute toward the company's main objective?

Overall, the key to success is ensuring that each KPI can provide valuable information that aligns with the business's goals.

Examples of Effective KPIs

One approach to incorporating insightful KPIs is to use the SMART criteria: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Then focus on how to fine-tune the KPIs to reflect the most insightful data.

Some successful KPIs include:

  • Examine quarterly sales
  • Compare revenue based on campaigns vs. channels
  • Highlight acquisition and retention costs
  • Show the number of contracts signed
  • Calculate the employee churn rate
  • List the number of blog articles published

Insightful KPIs Can Empower Businesses

In the end, is all this number-crunching worth the time, energy, and headaches? Yes. A detailed list of specific KPIs can help pinpoint a company's most successful strategies while also showcasing their least effective methods. This, in turn, allows business leaders to make more effective decisions in future campaigns. Remember, knowledge is power!

Ultimately, it's the data analyst's job to bridge the gap between the surplus of data and which factors are truly important. And without the KPI, there would be no reliable measurement of success.

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