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[Video] How to Use Whiteboard and Explainer Videos

Alexandra Rose
July 26, 2016
Whiteboard and explainer videos

What is the fastest and most effective way to make potential customers understand a business, product or service in a world of withering attention spans? Increasingly, the answer is by creating and using whiteboard and explainer videos. These short, cost-effective videos help business owners communicate, connect and increase conversion rates, and have quickly become some of the most effective content money can buy.

What is a whiteboard video?

Whiteboard videos, quite literally, draw themselves. These videos combine simple illustrations with voiceover narration to help explain a concept, process or system. Since whiteboard videos aid visualization in a way that doesn’t require expensive animation or effects, they are a cost-effective addition to any marketing strategy.

Use a whiteboard video to:

• illustrate services that don’t otherwise have compelling visuals.

• build trust or credibility.• talk about a product that is still in development.

• need to take a “deep dive” into a product, process or service explanation.

• spend lower costs on a high quality video

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are brief marketing videos typically used to introduce a business, product or service to an audience in a simple form. There are 3 types of explainer videos: whiteboard animation, 2-D animation, and kinetic animation, all of which you can find on Fiverr. These concise, fun and snappy videos typically run between 90 seconds and three minutes, using a combination of sketches, live action, simple animation, titles, voiceover and musical accompaniment. Most explainer videos reside on a homepage, landing or product page of a company’s website, are easily shareable, and are great for business.

Use an explainer video when you:

• introduce your brand, business and services to customers.

• differentiate your services from a competitor’s.

• simplify your message or tell a story.

• illustrate a solutions-based business.

9 Benefits of Using Whiteboard and Explainer Videos

So just how powerful can 90 seconds of video be when it comes to your business? We’ve compiled ten of the most important benefits that come from using whiteboard and explainer videos as part of your overall marketing strategy.

1. Whiteboard and explainer videos boost conversion rates.

Today’s consumer is smart, savvy and short on time. Video content like explainer and whiteboard videos are seen as a huge asset by customers looking for help in their decision-making process before or at the point of sale (90% of users agree that product videos are helpful when it comes to making purchasing decisions.) And including video on a homepage or landing page has been shown to increase conversions by as much as 80%.

2.Whiteboard and explainer videos build brand awareness.

Is your brand fun or funny? Playful or super serious? Video mediums like whiteboard and explainer videos are the perfect venue to reassert key brand attributes and personality. From using your brand’s color palette in key visual elements to choosing a voiceover artist that reflects just the right tone, your video creates a powerful visual identity that will be associated with your overall brand and remembered by your audience.

3. Whiteboard and explainer videos streamline your messaging.

Think of an explainer or whiteboard video as an elevator pitch on steroids. Having just a few minutes to get your point across forces you to cut through the clutter and boil your message down to its most essential and relevant points. Think about what messages you want your audience to understand, and the video script will practically write itself. You can always use our script writers at Fiverr to help you with your video.

4. Whiteboard and explainer videos encourage social sharing.

70% of Internet users are watching online video with an increasing number of those views happening in our social feeds. With 92% of social media users sharing video content, it should come as no surprise that having an explainer or whiteboard video will improve the likelihood of your content being shared (and viewed) across social networks. Customers are also more apt to ‘like’ and share video over text-driven content.

5. Whiteboard and explainer videos build trust and credibility.

A great whiteboard or explainer video increases transparency by taking what might be a complicated or confusing business process and breaking it down into a digestible nugget of information. Customers who are educated about a product or process are more likely to convert, engage, share and stay loyal to a brand or business.

6. Whiteboard and explainer videos drive employee engagement.

Video is proving to be an invaluable tool when it comes to employee on-boarding, education, skills and product training. Companies are increasingly creating whiteboard and explainer videos to increase loyalty and boost engagement amongst their employees.

7. Whiteboard and explainer videos reduce visitor abandonment and bounce rates.

Producing and posting high-quality digital content pays off when it comes to engagement. Landing pages with video content increase a visitor’s time on site and reduce bounce rates, meaning users are less likely to leave your website without interacting with content.

8. Whiteboard and explainer videos increase search visibility and SEO.

Video content increases search visibility. Websites with video are 50 times more likely to garner a first page Google ranking. Video links that appear in Google search results are 41% more likely to get clicked over text listings. If you have any doubts about this point, try comparing your site rankings before and after adding a whiteboard and explainer video to your website. Building inbound links, generating social shares, increasing time spent on site and reducing bounce rates combine to ultimately help your site rank better in search engines, improving and optimizing organic traffic to your site.

9. Whiteboard and explainer videos are dynamic marketing tools.

Perhaps the best thing about whiteboard and explainer videos is that they have multiple applications. Once created, these videos can be emailed, shared and liked across social media, embedded on a website homepage, viewed on traditional media or presented in a boardroom. A whiteboard or explainer video is a flexible, dynamic piece of content beyond its initial publication.Image: Alexey Boldin /

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