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Zita Hyon
November 3, 2021
work from home capsule

“Working from home” has taken on a whole new meaning these past few years as we navigate the on-going effects of the pandemic. For our freelancer community, many have been WFH for a long time prior, and an “office” is wherever there’s a desk, computer, or notepad. Whether you hate it, love it, or are splitting your time up between home and the office, the uncertainty can take a toll on well-being and creativity. 

To help enhance your existing space and stroke creativity while you work, we co-created a collection of office essentials with Brooklyn-based Bi-Rite Studio called “Other Angles.” The limited edition capsule contains physical products ranging from a convertible drafting desk, idea bounce chair, mood board, bifurcated notepad, reversible desk mirror, and an inspiration card deck. 

We tapped into a superteam of Fiverr Freelancers from around the globe; from the U.K. to NYC, Malaysia, Italy, and Israel to bring this collaborative project to life. AJ Camara worked on the graphic elements for the notepad and inspiration card deck while Gideon Jacobs wrote the copy for the cards. Mijal Zagier designed the packaging for the notepad and desk mirror and Aliceas created the fabric cover pattern for the balance ball chair. Esther Oo created the print catalog of the entire collection and Oli Rae Smith digitally brought each item to life with surrealistic 3D animations.

“It was important to us that each piece felt innovative, but we also wanted to design an object for each application of creativity,” explained Bi-Rite founder Cat Snodgrass. “For example, the deck of cards presents an intellectual challenge, the balance ball provides a circulatory experience, the desk is adaptable to your changing tasks, the notepad is thought-provoking, etc. Hitting all these marks made the collection feel comprehensive, in that each piece has a unique contribution to the creative freelance experience.”

Get a detailed look at the capsule below and shop the collection now exclusively at the Highsnobiety Shop. All proceeds from the drop will be donated to the Freelancer's Union, a nonprofit organization helping freelance workers in various industries who were affected by the pandemic.

Wall-Mounted Mood Board

Divide your amorphous thoughts and ideas into “right brain” (visual inspiration and metaphors) and “left brain” (technical details, specs, and schedules) with this magnetized mood board in high-contrasting colors. Or, choose your own dichotomy.

Convertible Drafting Desk

The desk is the hero of any workspace, and the actual surface you’re working on might be the most crucial element for your creative productivity. The left side of this convertible drafting desk stays flat for your laptop, while the right side raises up for easy sketching or reading. A bonus: it’s made from recycled plastic in a mesmerizing pattern. 

Bifurcated Notepad

Don’t underestimate the power of your own chicken scratch. This notepad allows you to easily divide your ideas between words and sketches. Maximum versatility, no matter your creative discipline.

Idea Bounce Chair

People have been sitting on balance balls for a long time to improve stability and strengthen their core while working, but usually, those balls are, well, ugly. This new aesthetically-minded spin on an old classic, covered in a luxurious two-tone neoprene fabric, will literally allow you to bounce your way into a state of creative zen.

Desk Mirror

You are the muse you’ve been waiting for. This reversible, multi-colored desk mirror shows you new facets of yourself throughout the day. 

‘Other Angles’ Inspiration Card Deck 

Everyone gets stuck. It’s an unavoidable part of the creative process. This deck of cards is full of thoughts, questions, ideas, and prompts that will get you to see your project from a new perspective, allowing you to look at the exact same thing a little differently. That’s almost always the secret to getting unstuck: approaching the problem from other angles.  

Learn more about the Fiverr Freelancers who collaborated on this capsule collection.

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