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Top Digital Branding and Marketing Moments of 2016

Ben Conde
December 28, 2016
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Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who has worked in eCommerce for the last five years. She currently writes for Rakuten Super Logistics and recommends them for all your Texas fulfillment center needs to further your success. Millennials live and breathe social media, but many older companies are still catching up. This year, some savvy brands used creative strategies in order to best leverage online platforms. Here are six digital marketing and branding campaigns that used social successfully in 2016.

1. Denny's on Tumblr

Who would have thought that a restaurant chain launching a Tumblr page would gain so much attention from social media fanatics? Denny's thought outside of the box with its picture-based Tumblr platform that sheds light on everything except food. While it is true that the eatery spotlighted good recipes now and then, Denny's showcased photos of ordinary citizens enjoying life that amused the masses. There's something about seeing another person photographed while carrying out everyday tasks. Denny's captured the essence of the simple life and placed it on Display via Tumblr this year.

2. Rolex Comes to Instagram

Another classic brand that thought outside of the box this year was Rolex. The watch manufacturer established itself on Instagram by sharing pictures of its latest collections and styles. Many new customers flocked to Rolex because of the stellar photos the company posted online. Consumers familiar with the brand revived their love for Rolex because of the company's willingness to take on new horizons without compromising its purpose.

3. Beyonce and Lemonade

Thousands of fans knew the lyrics to Beyonce's songs from her latest project, Lemonade, just days after the Pop singer released her sixth studio album. Why? Beyonce used the element of surprise when marketing her newest project. The singer immediately released Lemonade on Tidal after her HBO special concluded. Bey did not give fans time to contemplate which songs they favored, and she did not share singles from her record before her album's release date. Fans were forced to wait for the finished product which only made their hearts yearn for new music.

4. Huffington Post's Recipe Videos

The average millennial has limited patience, which means that lengthy advertisements get passed over. Huffington Post exhibited the understanding of this concept with the creation of its recipe videos. The 60-second clips show viewers on Facebook how to make a dish without thoroughly guiding them through every step. The quick segments make viewers want to click on the link and learn more.

5. Farmers Insurance has an Inner Circle

Knowledge is power and Farmers Insurance company has honed in on society's thirst for more. The brand's Inner Circle is an online library that gives visitors details on home maintenance and repairs. There is also content that addresses budgeting and auto care for individuals in need of good advice.

6. Birchbox Takes on YouTube

It is not enough to have great products. Birchbox knows this all too well which is why the beauty subscription service provides top products to its customers but yet searched for ways to remain relevant in the digital age. The company went the way of YouTube videos for marketing purposes. Instead of telling viewers why Birchbox is so amazing, the brand posts informative videos that gave beauty tips to the masses. The result of Birchbox and its YouTube marketing efforts has been positive. Dozens of new customers have researched further into the maker of such stellar videos and purchased Birchbox subscriptions. What were some of your favorite marketing and branding campaigns of 2016? Tell us in the comments below!

Ben Conde
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