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This Seller Created a Production Company on Fiverr

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May 5, 2016
Leanna Pareja||Super Seller Leannapareja on Fiverr
Super Seller Leannapareja on Fiverr

Leanna, Leannapareja on Fiverr, is an actress, spokesperson and model who has appeared in national commercials for companies such as Lexus, Purina Dog Food, Extra Gum, LensCrafters,Lactancia Milk and more. She’s also been in television shows, such as Dallas (2012), independent feature films, such as Blood Type: Unknown (2013), and YouTube channels, such asDevin Super Tramp. Now Leanna is in “full-blown Fiverr mode,” offering Gigs with her five-person production team! Congratulations to Leanna, our latest Super Seller.

My Fiverr Journey

I’ve been singing, acting and dancing publicly since I was five and began modeling when I was about 15. At 22, I began my own company and was earning a six-figure salary, but I eventually realized I wasn’t living my true passion, so in 2009, I packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles so I could get back into acting. In 2015, my roommates told me about how on Fiverr you can offer a service for just about anything. At first, I didn’t see the financial benefit for me, since in Hollywood I could make a comparative fortune doing a spokesperson video or commercial. But I had started my production company, Climbing Vine Productions, so I decided to give Fiverr a try and created a spokesperson video. Within a few days, I sold my first Gig®, and after a month, I made almost $1,000, hit Level 2 Seller, and have been in “full-blown Fiverr mode” ever since. The first four months as a Level 2 Seller, I worked about 120 hours a week just to try to keep up. I was able to grow my Fiverr business quickly due to two things: work and a positive attitude. I was determined to make Fiverr work by giving my best and not worrying about what I got paid at first. You have to develop trust with people in order to really get things moving. Once you prove your worth, things just snowball. All of my “free time” for the first 6 months went to improving myself, not only my skills as a spokesperson, videographer and photographer, but also my production capabilities. I took all the money I earned and upgraded my equipment, so that I could deliver even higher quality work. I have also promoted my Gigs on Facebook. But I truly feel that the most important thing you can do for yourself is say what you’re about and then prove it!

Fiverr is seriously amazing. I have also purchased Gigs – translations, music, and consulting –from other sellers. My favorite Gigs are ones that pertain to what I do. For example, I found someone to create the logo for my company (Borydesign) and royalty free music for my videos (Basicpro). I know I will continue to purchase many more Gigs from the talented pool on Fiverr. I also love the Community Forum. Whenever I have a question, there is always an answer just a click away. What I like most about the forum is how involved the community is. It makes Fiverr a great place to work!

The Impact of Fiverr

Now, not quite 10 months later, I’m the actress, director and editor – doing what I love every day and creating a very successful production business. Fiverr has given me the freedom to work from home, and about four months ago, I hired a team of four (including my husband) to help me keep up with all of the work coming in! And even though I already see us as proficient and professional, I can’t wait to see how much our skills improve over the next few years. Fiverr has become this amazing part of my life and business, and we love every minute of it. I have earned over $70,000 on Fiverr, about 80 percent of my total income. My business on Fiverr even allowed me to pay for the wedding of my dreams just this last October!

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