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The Year of Do: It Starts Right Now

Micha Kaufman
January 8, 2018

Doers,2018 is here and it’s our most important year yet. 2017 was all about celebrating those who do. Launching our “In Doers We Trust” campaign was our undertaking to put doers in the center - to celebrate and rally the risk-takers, the creators and the non-traditionalists. But, as we were thinking about our own New Year’s resolutions for this year, we lamented that these statements are often quickly ignored and become empty promises gone unfulfilled. So, we decided that this year needs to be about actually doing more and not about just promising ourselves more. I’m talking about actually making a commitment. A commitment to your passion. A commitment to yourself. A commitment that can’t be swept aside or saved for another day. This commitment is a lifestyle. A daily goal to grab every opportunity and take every chance to do more. So, in that spirit, we’re claiming 2018 as The Year of Do. What have you done today? Have you accomplished what you set out to?

The Year of Do is about championing the entrepreneur in us all, and enabling our global community to do more. I always tell the Fiverr team to avoid “death by committee.” It’s the brainstorms that dead end. The 15-person collaborative document that goes nowhere and benefits no one. We’ve all been there, and there’s no reason for it. If you see a problem and have access to a quick solution, push it through. The path of least resistance isn’t always the prettiest, but when time and money are your biggest enemies, executing on ideas quickly is your fastest route to learning and growth. Challenge yourself to push through. Through failure and hesitation. You may produce something that doesn’t work right away, but that doesn’t matter. What you’ve created is a foundation for finding something that will work, and every action you take will get you closer and closer to that success.The commitment to do more doesn’t start and stop with you. It’s also our commitment to you. To do more for you. To lower the barrier for you to find success. To provide more tools, services, and resources that push you forward. We would be nothing without your creativity, drive, and ingenuity, and this year we’ll be doing more to enhance your experience and access to all things Fiverr, on and offline.So, what will you accomplish in The Year of Do? Tell us what you’re committed to do, and we’ll work to help make it a reality. How? Why don’t you see for yourself. Check out our Year of Do challenge, make your commitment, and let’s get sh#t done. I’ll be cheering you on.I n Doers We Trust, Micha

Micha Kaufman
Micha Kaufman is Fiverr’s Founder, has served as our Chief Executive Officer and as a member of the board of directors since our inception. He is the visionary behind Fiverr’s product and platform strategy, leading the company in changing how the world works together and providing opportunities for anyone, anywhere to build their business, brand or dreams. Prior to co-founding Fiverr, Mr. Kaufman founded and led several technology ventures. Mr. Kaufman serves as a member of the Policy Board of Cerca Partners, a venture capital firm, since November 2016. Mr. Kaufman holds an LL.B degree from Haifa University in Israel.
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