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The Start of Something Big: Meet Fiverr Pro

Micha Kaufman
June 27, 2017

2017 has been an incredible year for us. We kicked it off with the launch of our #InDoersWeTrust campaign, focused on helping lean entrepreneurs pursue their passions and create the life and career they want, rather than one their demographic, geographic, or social standing would traditionally dictate. It’s our community that’s been behind everything Fiverr has been able to accomplish, and all of you continue to be our lifeblood and our driving force. That’s been the case since even our earliest days.

Just seven years ago when we launched, we imagined a world where anyone could find millions of talented professionals from all around the world, and have them start working on a project with the single click of a mouse. Fiverr started with small services, but over time our customers grew to expect more from the platform, recognizing how our fundamental model could be used to do even greater work.

We recognize our role in the lives of entrepreneurs and freelancers everywhere, and consider it our responsibility to be the true home of the doer. All of that points to taking the accessibility and simplicity of Fiverr and expanding it. Today we are introducing a new product to accomplish that. We’re calling it Fiverr Pro.

Fiverr Pro Fiverr Pro is a new initiative that maintains the “service in a single-click” concept we pioneered back in 2010, bringing world-class, hand-vetted, talent to buyers. Many of you will wonder what kind of effect Pro will have on the Fiverr you know and love. Let me put your mind at ease--the introduction of Pro services won’t change the necessity and the opportunity that springs from Fiverr.

We will always be a place where accessibility and affordability matter, and where anyone can use their talents to pursue their passion. Fiverr Pro simply delivers what Fiverr does best to more and more freelancers and entrepreneurs.

While we plan to roll it out to more categories in the coming months, today you can find Pro services in four initial subcategories: Logo Design; Whiteboard/Animated Videos; Articles & Blog Post Writing; and Social Media Marketing. Anyone can apply, whether you’re currently part of the community or otherwise. We encourage you to put your application in today, here.

And that’s not all. As part of our larger goal to continue to lead the digital freelance ecosystem, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of, a high-end video and animation marketplace featuring freelance videographers and animators working with clients such as Facebook, Google, and Slack.

Fiverr and are two like-minded communities of creatives and entrepreneurs. When the opportunity came to bring on such a passionate, focused group, it only felt natural to strengthen our marketplace while broadening our community. will operate independently before eventually joining the Fiverr marketplace fully. So, as we begin this next exciting chapter we want to hear from all of you. This community has always thrived as a two-sided conversation, so tell us what you think.

Working on a special project? Check out the first selection of Pro Gigs here—and expect many more to come in next few days and weeks. As always, wake up every day to get shit done and pursue your dreams. We’ll help you do it.

Thanks, Micha Founder and Chief Executive

Micha Kaufman
Micha Kaufman is Fiverr’s Founder, has served as our Chief Executive Officer and as a member of the board of directors since our inception. He is the visionary behind Fiverr’s product and platform strategy, leading the company in changing how the world works together and providing opportunities for anyone, anywhere to build their business, brand or dreams. Prior to co-founding Fiverr, Mr. Kaufman founded and led several technology ventures. Mr. Kaufman serves as a member of the Policy Board of Cerca Partners, a venture capital firm, since November 2016. Mr. Kaufman holds an LL.B degree from Haifa University in Israel.
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