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The Four Must-Have Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs

Nicolo Grossi
May 30, 2018
Must-Have online Tech Tools

Entrepreneurs are ambitious and focused people with big ideas and dreams. They take calculated risks where others wouldn't. These personality types need a solid support system to help them succeed with greater ease.While technology can often be a distraction, there are some tech tools that are vital for helping entrepreneurs become productive and well-organized. The key lies in being able to tell the difference.

The 4 must-have tech tools that empower entrepreneurs


Fiverr acquired AND CO in 2018 with the goal to help entrepreneurs who have many responsibilities that relate to running their business. They have to deal with contracts, invoices, task management, and other rote aspects of their workflows.One of the most helpful tech tools is an app that combines support for all of these needs in one, handy place and for FREE. AND CO empowers entrepreneurs to seamlessly handle these responsibilities, so that they can focus more efficiently on growing their businesses.What sets this tool apart from the rest is that all of its features "talk" to each other. This means that using the app is a smooth experience, whether you're:

1. Sending a contract

2. Preparing a proposal

3. Invoicing

4. Tracking your expenses

5. Subscribing clients

6. Tracking your time

7. Generating reports for your taxes

AND CO from Fiverr also integrates with many of your favorite apps like Slack, Zapier, Shopify, Stripe, PayPal and MailChimp.

2. Todoist

This productivity tool and task manager puns on the concept of the to-do list, but it delivers in droves. If you've ever had problems with planning your week and month ahead of time – or managing important areas of your business from a comprehensive, top-down view – then Todoist is a godsend.The app – available on desktop, tablet, and mobile – empowers you to organize all of your work projects into specific areas of responsibility in a tiered structure. You also get to filter your tasks, so you can work in a way that's priority-based – so you'll never forget your most important tasks.The kicker here is both time- and location-based reminders. Need to start your Facebook marketing at 1:00 pm sharp, as you come back from lunch? Put a reminder into Todoist, and you'll be notified on your devices as soon as you're in the right place and time.To get the most from Todoist, go for Premium for optimal functionality.

3. Evernote

How many times have you been at a meeting, seminar, or networking event without a handy way to take notes and easily retrieve them later on? Or how about that time you were surfing the web, researching how to write a business plan or how to manage your business' social platforms, but you didn't have a convenient place to save all this information (and merely bookmarking just won't do anymore)? Evernote has the answers for you.This organizing and note-taking app works across all of your devices to literally help you quickly remember and refer back to anything and everything.It lets you:

  1. Clip or save any webpage and then quickly find it again because it searches by any word in the entire document (no need for tagging here!)
  2. Take pictures of physical documents, items, and objects and then annotate them with your edits (and then share them with team members)
  3. Organize your entire life by having a virtual filing cabinet on all of your devices.

Serious users should consider purchasing a subscription to Premium for more usability.

4. Trello

Trello is particularly useful if you're working with a compact team at your small or medium-sized business. Instead of always sending your employee or partner an email they're likely to miss or, worse yet, texting them (which they may ignore), get your entire team together on Trello. This app, available on all your devices, streamlines organized workflows among teams, so that there's always fluid communication and no disorder. Teams work together in an easy-to-use, card-based system that stands for specific work-based tasks. For example, a project to redesign your business' website can occupy one card while the responsibility to evaluate and choose the right signage company belongs to another. Cards move from left to right under columns, so, as each stage of a project is addressed, the card eventually becomes complete at the far right of a page (called boards within the app).Bottom line...Tech should make your entrepreneur life easier. Tech has a bad reputation for causing us distractions, whether it's undisciplined YouTube, social media, or text message use. Entrepreneurs need to leverage the tech that can help them start and run their businesses with less friction – and these four apps accomplish just that.

Do you use technology to help you manage your entrepreneurial responsibilities? If so, what are your favorite tech tools? Tell us in the comments!

Nicolo Grossi
SEO & content marketing expert with 7+ years experience, working at Fiverr since 2016 Nicolo is responsible to follow and implement SEO’s best practices and inbound marketing strategies in order to increase reach and exposure.
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