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The 5-Fold Content Plan You Need in 2020

Fiverr Team
March 28, 2020

Content marketing goes a long way in today's virtual economy. If you have a social media post go viral or a blog post climb high in search engine algorithms, you can generate loads of free traffic to your business. In an age when online ad prices are rising, having a solid content plan is critical to your marketing strategy.

When searching for the information they need, online users appreciate and engage with value that cuts to the chase. In this post, you can take a look at the 5 types of content online users interact with the most.

1. Social Media Posts

Social media makes it easy to get eyes on your brand. With the help of social media influencers, social copywriters and other freelancers with expertise in social media marketing, you can generate a social media strategy that attracts the right audience. Social media isn't the best place for hardcore promotion and marketing. However, it's perfect for generating brand awareness and reaching the culture of your audience with share-worthy content snips.

2. SEO-Optimized Blog Posts

Blog posts are the value-packed pages on your website that lure your target customers to your business. With SEO research informing your blog post titles, you can create keyword-optimized posts that are bound to land hits from search engines. Posts should be broken up by several H2 and H3 headers, with long-tail keywords in the header titles.

3. Short Video Content

According to research, video posts on social media get a dozen times the social shares as their text and image-based counterparts .Live video is a great way to engage with audience members by answering questions they ask in the chat. However, short videos that pack a lot of value are the ones with the potential to go viral in your niche, funneling targeted traffic back in your direction.

4. Personalized Emails

Email is where people open their bills and receive important communications from parties like their children’s schools, their doctor’s offices and their financial institutions. Inserting yourself in their inbox gets you noticed in a way that demonstrates value.

The best way to leverage email marketing as a content strategy is to segment your email list and send out tailored content to each list. This shows your customers that you care about the content they want.

5. Free Downloads

Free resources you create are an effective way to get in your audience's email inbox. Give them something they can gain from related to your service, whether a checklist, quiz or PDF download. Give them a taste of your expertise so they're excited to get more by looking at your online products or service packages.

Getting the Content You Need

To get quality content for the web to represent your brand and garner business traction, it pays to work with professionals who already have the experience getting results you're looking for. Websites like Fiverr connect business owners with affordable freelance talent.

Getting your content done and putting it on a schedule can put your content marketing on autopilot, so you can focus on succeeding in your business while more customers.

Fiverr Team
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