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Start Working Smarter with a Virtual Assistant

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle
November 10, 2016
virtual assistant

Ever feel like you could use an extra set of hands?If you’re like most Gigprenuers – or anyone – the answer is likely yes. We live in a busy world where a lot is expected of us, both personally and professionally. Finding balance among the two can be tough… and often, work alone can leave many feeling as if they can never get ahead. Fortunately, there is help. And thankfully, that help isn’t as expensive as many people assume. Virtual assistants support professionals offsite and away from their clients, making it easy for Gigprenuers and professionals of all kinds to benefit from the perks of virtual assistants. From data entry to web research to telemarketing and more, virtual assistants can perform tasks that busy professionals often neglect due to lack of time or often overlook due to other tasks ranking priority. Either way, the work that virtual assistants deliver is vital for professionals to complete – which is why considering a virtual assistant for your business may be right for you. Here are some reasons why you should start working smarter with some help from a virtual assistant.

Work Smarter… Not Harder

There’s a saying in life that you should work smarter, not harder… and when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant, this sums it up. Why work more often to get tasks done when a virtual assistant can complete these same tasks for you and open up more time for you? Whether you need that time personally or professionally, it’s important to give yourself that time… and that, my friends, is working smarter.

Gain Experienced Expertise

Chances are you do what you do because you are good at it. Likewise, virtual assistants do what they do because they are good at it. When you work with a virtual assistant, you gain from their strengths – and as a result, their productivity and performance is often stronger than your own in the areas in which you need them for. This may include virtual administrative assistants, website administrators or even virtual bookkeepers – all of whom bring a range of experience to your business needs.

Work Within Your Budget

he reality is many Gigprenuers – possibly even yourself – do not seek out virtual assistants because they think they can’t afford to. This is far from the truth, however, if you consider that budgets can be set up front with virtual assistants from Fiverr. Additionally, when you have a virtual assistant regularly working with you, you open up time by that allows you to work on your own niche projects – which in turn, offers you the chance to make more income.

Finally, if seeking out a virtual assistant sounds right for you, remember that among the other perks of having one is that you can also have many. Aim to find virtual assistants whom have strengths that offset your weaknesses – as well as those that fill in any voids you have in your workplace. Working with a few may eventually lead to working with just one, but either way, the idea is simple. Work smarter – not harder –to gain the Gigprenuer life you have dreamed of. Factor in that you can do this affordably and pretty soon you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to figure out the perks of virtual assistants!

Have you ever used a virtual assistant? Tell us about the experience in the comments below!

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle
Nicole Leinbach Reyhle is the Founder and Publisher of Retail Minded, the Co-Founder of the Independent Retailer Conference and a regular contributor to various publications. Additionally, Reyhle is the Author of the book “Retail 101: The Guide to Managing and Marketing Your Retail Business” from McGraw-Hill and has been the Spokesperson for Small Business Saturday from American Express since 2014. Follow Reyhle on Twitter at @RetailMinded.
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