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Spam Me Not

Charles Silberman
January 31, 2017

SPAM. Any way you look at that word, there is nothing positive that comes to mind. In the Victorian era, telegrams were used to spam. Before email and the phone was widely used, door to door sellers tried to sell services or illegitimate to collect money without you receiving the items. Before email, it meant unsolicited coupons and flyers in the mail. When email marketing came along, it meant viruses and offers from people we’d never heard of. Spam even loved the telephone into the smartphone era when numbers from all over the world started showing up on phone screens. And now, in the age of online platforms such as Fiverr, spam still exists. However, this time it takes a different look.Spam on Fiverr comes in multiple forms. It can be sending past customers, who had no indication of doing future business, messages asking for more work. It can entail sending custom offers to sellers or buyers. In some cases, spam may be a blanket custom offer to anyone. In some cases, spam may be looking at who bought Gigs and sending those people custom offers for a service they bought in the past from another buyer. Spam can be an unwelcome message asking for help with no prior conversation. In general, any unsolicited communication with a buyer or seller that did not come through a buyer request, initiating an inquiry, or in a solicited manner is spam. If you think trying to get sales by sending spam is wise, think again. Spamming can have the following negative effects.

Soil Your Reputation

Sending spam can immediately make those you spam associate you in a negative manner. They will see you as desperate and not trustworthy. Rather than get sales, you will get nasty responses or reported and blocked from further communication.

Lose Your Account

Fiverr takes Spam seriously. If spamming, you could put your account in jeopardy. Those you spam can report you, or customer service may pick up on what you are doing. Either way, your account can be removed.

It Does Not Work

Spam just does not work. On Fiverr, the likelihood of getting your sale through a spam message is slim to none. No one is looking at your spam message and thinking they are about to get an amazing deal on a site already full of amazing services and ideas.

False Hope

When you spam, you give false hope. For sellers, they may think they have a sale or sale inquiry. For buyers, they may think they are getting an answer to their need. You get people excited, and when they see it is unsolicited spam, people get upset.So, don’t do it. On behalf of all sellers and buyers, spam me not. Go the extra mile and learn how to sell on Fiverr the right way, and experience the excitement and joy that comes with sales through hard work. Have any tips for increasing sales that don’t involve spam? Tell us in the comments below!

Charles Silberman
Charles Silbermann, aka <a href="">silberma1976</a>, is a physical education &amp; health teacher as well as a Fiver Super Seller. He develops teaching curriculum and contributes regularly to local, national, and industry publications.
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