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Semi-Annual Small Business Needs Index: How Brands Are Adapting to 2020

Fiverr Team
October 7, 2020

It’s no surprise that 2020 has been a difficult year for small businesses. What may shock you—in a good way—is how those small businesses are finding ways to adapt to the widespread stay-at-home orders. Fiverr’s second semi-annual Small Business Needs Index has analyzed data from millions of searches across the platform to identify business services that have seen significant increases.  

This growth data, collected over a six-month period, shows the building demand for products, platforms, and tools that small businesses are relying on to support future success. Because the collected data coincided with the beginning of the pandemic, it also provides insight into how small businesses are working to stay relevant in this changed world.. 

Key takeaways:

Digital presence and consumer experience are crucial.

If you can’t shop in person, you shop online. The global searches for “Dropshipping”and “Front End Web Developer” increased by 319% and 205%, respectively. Small business owners understand the need to optimize their online sales, remote shipping, and digital presence. An 85% global increase in the search for “Customer Service” indicates companies are aware of the value in and the need to shift resources to  providing quality service to their online customers.

Businesses continue to open, despite the uncertainty of this year.

COVID-19 may be keeping many of us inside, but it hasn’t put a damper on ambition. The search for “Brand Name” has increased by 85% globally, indicating that people are continuing to start companies. In the United States, the search for “Trademarks” has increased by 104%—another indicator that businesses are seeking out services to support them in getting off the ground. 

Working remotely is positively impacting real estate. 

Due to remote work flexibility, more people have begun moving from cities to suburbs. This has created the unusual need for socially-distant home buying, and in turn the demand for real estate videos to show property in a safe way. In the United States, the search for “Real Estate Video” increased by 67%. 

Digital marketing can make or break a small business.  

In order to stand out in the saturated market of e-commerce, companies need to maximize their digital marketing. The analyzed search data makes it clear that small business owners understand this now more than ever. “Shopify Promotion” increased by 247%, “Facebook Promotion” increased by 174%, and “Social Media Design” increased by 158%. 

Check out a visual breakdown of the analyzed search results below.

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Fiverr Team
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